Installation instructions • Read online or download PDF • Rockwell Automation IF8 Compact IF8 Analog Input Module User Manual. Rockwell Automation IF8 Compact IF8 Analog Input Module User Manual – Download. Rockwell Automation IF8 Compact IF8 Analog. The Compact I/O modules can be used with a CompactLogix controller, IF4FXOF2F. IF8. IF16C. IF16V. IR6. IT6.

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Lock the end cap bus terminator 6. Your manual failed to upload Approximate Shipping Weight with carton g manuql. Replacing a Single Modu le within a System The same information applies to all channels. Tell us about it. Your markings ID tag will be visible when the module door is closed. Tell us what’s missing. Remove 1769-it8 label from the door, mark the identification of each terminal with permanent ink, and slide the label back into the door.


Rockwell Automation 1769-IF8 Compact 1769-IF8 Analog Input Module User Manual – Download

Use a power supply that matches the input transmitter specifications. Input Data File Word For each input module, slot x, words in the input data file contain the analog values of the inputs. Route the wire under the terminal pressure plate. The terminal screws are non-captive.

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Wire fragments that fall into a module could cause damage at power up. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located.

Loosen the terminal screws to be wired. Mounting screws are required on every module.

Rockwell Automation IF8 Compact IF8 Analog Input Module User Manual | 32 pages

Attach an end cap terminator 5 to the last module in the system by using the tongue-and-groove slots as before. To allow communication between the controller and module, move the bus lever fully to the left 4 until it clicks. Locate holes every Channel 0 and 1 Configuration Data Channel 0 and 1 configuration data is shown below.

However, some systems, like the ADN DeviceNet Adapter, also allow the bits to be altered 1769-i8f part of the control program, using communication rungs. Use M4 or 8 panhead screws.


Ensure it is locked firmly in place. The latches will momentarily open and lock into place. NC Wiring for channels are identical.

In that case, graphical screens are provided by the manuak to simplify configuration. Host Controller Spacing for single-wide modules 35 mm 1.

Rockwell Automation Support Rockwell Automation provides technical information on the web to assist you in using our products. For More Inform ation You can use the bare wire or a spade lug.

Overall hole spacing tolerance: This lets you individually cancel each low process alarm latch.

The terminals will accept a 6.