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View Notes – fsoln from EECS at University of California, Berkeley. f; University of California, Berkeley; EECS – Spring With insanely simple controls and powerful autonomous flight capabilities, 3DR’s Solo makes capturing awesome cinematic shots easier than. IEEE Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR03, pp. Rosin and West, [doi>/_4]. Rusi$#;ol and Llad$# ;s, Sparse solutions using hash storage. IEEE Trans.

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Local traders in Kigoma cited three major gold dealers based in Dar es Salaam, including Crown Jewellers, Ruby Bureau de Change and a businessman known as Jafar, although testimony from FDLR former combatants indicated several more small purchasers of gold.

UN Report Congo Group Experts

The Group provided the United States authorities with the names and account numbers of correspondent banks in the United States that could be connected to the bank where Ms. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi and Rwanda the Group 234s2009 several credible reports and testimonies that Burundi is being used as a rear base for FDLR recruitment and support networks.

The Group visited the United Arab Emirates where it held meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dubai authorities and private sector entities. For woln of reference, the Group has attached to the present report a diagram annex 52 covering the cross-cutting relationships of the various networks listed above.

This profile is corroborated by the analysis of his telephone call details, showing that he has communicated 16 times between April and July by text message to a telephone number in Portugal that is registered to a shipping company, Seamaster-Agentes De Navegacao. In particular, the Group notes that it was unable to obtain any relevant information from the French authorities regarding Mr.

UN Report Congo Group Experts – [PDF Document]

This account is a United States dollar account and therefore all United States dollar transfers to and from this account ssoln pass through correspondent banks in the United States. The first transfer was sent by Arnold Munguakonkwa, the son of Mr. Kambale Kisoni, who had been listed by the Committee for targeted sanctions in March and was assassinated in July The officers also informed the Group that there had been other similar episodes over the past year orchestrated by internal FARDC networks loyal to Colonel Baudouin Nakabaka, the deputy commander of the tenth military region in charge of logistics and administration, and his direct superior General Pacifique Masunzu.

The Group was also informed by Ugandan-based gold traders that they were encouraged to declare Congolese gold they imported or re-exported from Uganda as gold of southern Sudanese origin on their official documentation. As a result, General Ntaganda, who is subject to an assets freeze and a travel ban pursuant to his designation by the Committee inand has also been indicted by the International Criminal Court, has been given the post of deputy operational commander for Kimia II although FARDC has repeatedly denied his position in official circles.


In some of Mr. Nyamwisi was Minister of Decentralization of the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the time of writing the present report. Three different directors of the Agence nationale de renseignements two in Bukavu and one in Uvira informed the Group that Jean Jacques Ramazani, an alleged Mai Mai leader, was arrested in Bujumbura in on charges of arms trafficking and subsequently transferred to the Democratic Republic of the Congo authorities in Kinshasa via Uvira and Bukavu.

Similarly, the Group has obtained further eyewitness accounts, as well as confirmation from interlocutors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundian security services, that during the months of July and Augustseveral FDLR elements were observed fleeing FARDC military operations into Burundi. While the Group is aware that religious and charitable organizations operating in conflict-affected zones are involved in humanitarian activities that support the refugee communities, and often inevitably end up having some contacts with members of non-governmental armed groups, the Group has nonetheless identified at least two cases of intentional support provided by representatives of religious institutions and charitable organizations to FDLR.

The Group was later given a contract by one of Mr. Kavatsi, who operates the company Galaxy Airlines, which flies its AN cargo aircraft throughout eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, was nominated by Mr.

Some of these supporters and leaders are suspected participants of the Rwandan genocide.

These documents showed dozens of purchases of cassiterite sourced from FDLR-controlled zones, notably Miki and Kitopu. Goetschalckx lived for many years in Rwanda before coming to the United Republic of Tanzania and is sol to have anti-Tutsi political views according to interviews held in Kigoma by the Group.

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According to these documents, the purchase of these minerals, which amount to tens of thousands of kilograms of cassiterite over a five-month period, were made by MDM, HTC, Muyeye and Faustin.

The Group attaches to the present report a still photograph taken from the video footage, which has been confirmed by several sources as showing an employee of Mr. While the Group could not document 24s2009 misappropriation of funds, it received consistent reports both from presidential sources in Kinshasa and from FARDC officials involved in the operations.


The Group is of the view that despite his arrest, General Nkunda continues to retain some control over CNDP and particularly the international networks he had built when he was chairman of the movement.

Due to the speed at which the integration process took place in North Kivu, many weapons stockpiles remained personalized and hidden away in secret caches, and children who had been previously recruited into aoln armed movements were integrated into the new FARDC structures. The report shows that FDLR continues to benefit from residual but significant support from top commanders of the Forces armes de la Rpublique dmocratique du Congo FARDCparticularly officers in the 10th military region South Kivuand has sealed strategic alliances with other armed groups in both North and South Kivu.

The Congolese intelligence services were able to obtain 34, rounds of 7. Nearly all gold declared by Ugandan customs is exported to the United Arab Emirates see box 1 below for further details. The Group has verified some of these taxation networks through on-site observations. 24s32009 Brothers of Charity received donations from several institutions, including Fundaci SOlivar over the past few years, according to organizational brochures.

Mutokas name annex The list is annexed for ease of reference annex Mutoka relies on the protection of top security officials in both Burundi and the Democratic Republic sol the Congo. He also adds that we know each other very well and they know my stance in this situation.

Mutoka only to discuss personal matters. The Group also xoln missions to Bunia and to Ituri sooln.

Solutions 3rd Edition | Oxford University Press

Several traders consistently informed the Group that Bukavu-based traders were buying from Lemera on market days. Goetz admitted in response to a query by the Group that he had in fact purchased a consignment of 3 kilograms of gold from Mr. The Group continues to investigate these individuals.

Several traders interviewed by the Group in the course of the current and past mandates, reported that mining areas controlled by Colonel Nakabaka are known as the tenth military region, and much of the gold is laundered on his behalf by Mange and Mr. The Group is further investigating this individuals activities.

The Group obtained telephone logs of a prominent gold dealer in Bujumbura, Mr.