First published in , A Traveler from Altruria tells the story of a foreign visitor who presents the concept of a Utopian society. Howells hoped his novel would. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. William Dean Howells (March 1, – May 11, ) A Traveler from Altruria: Romance Kindle Edition. by. “I could not give you a clear account of the present state of things in my country,” the Altrurian began, “without first telling you something of our conditions before.

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Religion ceased to be the hope of this world, and became the vague promise of the next.

Dina rated it really liked it Feb 09, One hour sufficed where twelve hours were needed before, and the operatives were released to the happy labor of the fields, where no one with us toils killingly, from dawn till dusk, but does only as much work as is needed to keep the body in health.

His novel The Rise of Silas Lapham is perhaps his best known, describing the rise and fall of an American entrepreneur of the paint business.

So this entire thing is done as a series of conversations, its like one big lecture, so not great. Makes you think about the American system in a way that you don’t normally think about. Adam rated it it was ok Nov 29, Trivia About A Traveler from A The only way to get what you need is to work.

A Traveler from Altruria – Wikisource, the free online library

This is a great lates utopian story. Traveper time of a hundred and a thousand per cent. Generally, Homos is surprised to find that neither Mr Twelvemough, the novelist, nor any of his acquaintances—a professor, a businessman, a manufacturer, a banker, and a clergyman —has any social relations whatsoever to people from the working classes or to any of the country people who permanently live in the area where they themselves just spend a few weeks each summer. It endured for a limited time, if we measure by the life of the race; it endured for an unlimited time if we measure by the lives of the men who were born and died while it endured.


In his “Editor’s Study” column at the Atlantic Monthly and, yraveler, at Harper’s, he formulated and disseminated his theories of “realism” in literature. The voice came from an old farmer, holding himself stiffly up, with his hands in his pockets and his lean frame bent toward the speaker. Every citizen is entitled to everything they need at any given time, so there is no need, and actually no way, to save for a rainy day, while amassing a fortune is impossible as well.

A Traveler from Altruria, by William Dean Howells

Plus a brief mention of a view spoiler [mega-corporation controlling all aspects of a country hide spoiler ]perhaps one of the first appearances of such an idea. Utopian fiction, without the utopian part of it: It is alien to our love of individuality “. The only contact Mrs Makely, the businessman’s wife, can claim is occasional charitable visits to an alfruria country woman now confined to her bed.

Our Evolution was accomplished without a drop of bloodshed, and the first great political brotherhood, the commonwealth of Traveller, was founded.

A Traveler from Altruria: Romance by William Dean Howells – Free Ebook

trom He was particularly outraged by the trials resulting from the Haymarket Riot. The Altruria Utopia is what he felt was an ideal society. At this time in America money and power was causing constant struggle for those of the working class. You will realize the importance of such an expression in recalling the declarations some of your slave-holders have made since the Civil War, that they would not have slavery restored for any earthly consideration.


Howells accepted after successfully negotiating for a higher salary, but was frustrated by Fields’s close supervision.

The Accumulation had no voters, except the few men at its head and the creatures devoted to it by interest and ignorance. A shout of laughter went up from most of the crowd, but the Altrurian did not seem to see any fun in it. It is perhaps in this role that he had his greatest influence.

Carrie Schindler rated it really liked it Feb 03, It travleer be sown in corruption before it can be raised in incorruption. In Howells’ writing he focuses not only on the social injustices but also the economic injustices in society.

There are things of interest here. Keijo rated it liked it Mar 29, With a free field and no favor we believed we should prosper on together, and there would be peace and plenty for all. Be the first to ask a question about A Traveler from Altruria.