This blog, written by Michael Felt, discusses AIX security topics. Articles on IBM AIX security including PowerSC, AIX RBAC, AIX shell scripting, passwords and user security. RBAC or Role Based Access Control has been available in AIX since starting with AIX Prior to that, access control is AIX was the same as for any .

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To bypass DAC, privileges are required. As authorizations are hierarchical in nature, we could search for one that encompasses more LVM operations. Here six point to understand is that only a user with administrator authorization can assign authorizations and roles. A role is a list of all the authorizations needed to complete a task.

It’s very likely that the command is in the privcmds database, as over rbaac commands already exist there. RBAC distributes the root user’s roles and authorization to more than one user.

Roles are assigned to users and users having the defined role should be able to execute. Since this user, httpd, owns all the files all normal access rights read, write, execute should be available where appropriate.

Authorizations get assigned to one or more roles; roles get assigned to users. In this case, the user with the authorization aix. The httpd account is meant to be an brac, not an operational, account.

Error AH indicates user httpd lacks sufficient authority to rnac to port Establishing and maintaining security policy Setting passwords for users Network configuration Device administration SA – Systems Administrator The SA role provides authorizations for daily administration and includes: Successfully updated the Kernel Command Table. Each user is assigned a role.


How-to Integrate Applications Into AIX RBAC

The system works by having front-end programs that are accessible via group or other permission bits. Basically, in enhanced RBAC we need to distinquish three concepts: Exit from the su – httpd shell and return to root access. Further articles will discuss the implementation and usage of extended RBAC.

Read The Current Issue: The root user succeeds any access control and performs any operation that it wants to do. Priviledges are assigned to users. However, DAC does not allow the file to be executed by any non-root user.

The data is stored in “flat-file text” so no additional database management engine is needed to use enhanced RBAC.

IBM Creating a RBAC role to run a command in AIX – United States

Moreover, the root user plays many roles like system administrator, security officer to maintain security policy, and systems operator for day-to-day activities. Successfully updated the Kernel Device Table. User administration except password setting File system administration Software installation update Network daemon management Device allocation SO – System Operator The SO role provides the authorizations for day to day operations and includes: Comments Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments.

The answer is Yes. If an application does not work when root starts it you can assume the issue with the application is not an access problem but something else that needs to be solved first. Each program verifies the users roles e. This example is shown to explain the usage of RBAC. In short, the operating system uses authorization to determine eligibility before performing a privileged operation like system calls. In this case, whoever has the DAC privilege should be able to execute lsconf.

RBAC-related commands

AIX family Software version: So far, I have shown how authorization and roles are used. The previous example explains how a non-root user can be given authorization to execute commands such as shutdown. The root user decides who can log in, who can access the data, which process has the privileges to get ebac the kernel mode, and so aiix. Start investigating Now you are ready to start investigating what a non-root user can and cannot do with regard to starting and stopping httpd services.

  BS IEC 60287 PDF

This example shows that as the user httpd the installed modules can be listed apachectl -l but I cannot start the full-service. The onus on a single user root is delegated.

Yes, it is possible if the process has the required privilege to execute the command. Establishing and maintaining security policy Setting passwords for user Network configuration Device configuration. Now we can assign this role to a user To assign the role to the user, change the user’s roles attribute: The following table shows the command details in the order of how authorization and roles can be used.

You have the option of disabling the root access to the system and performing all tasks through one or more user accounts. Subscribe me to comment notifications.

Successfully updated the Kernel Role Table. Check for an existing role that might be used instead of having to create one. If he has access to an authorization s similiar to a key to open an otherwise locked door s the task can be performed. Note that this account is not in the group httpd.