Cătălin Dima, Dynamical properties of timed automata revisited, . Rajeev Alur, Thao Dang, Franjo Ivančić, Predicate abstraction for. BibTeX. @ARTICLE{Alur94atheory, author = {Rajeev Alur and David L. Dill}, title = {A Theory of Timed Automata}, journal = {Theoretical Computer Science}. The Theory of Alur-Dill Timed Automata. Ashutosh Trivedi. Department of Computer Science and Engineering,. IIT Bombay. CS New.

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Requirement Universality probability Real-time clock Real-time transcription. This paper has highly influenced other papers. Timed automaton Search for additional papers on this topic. Dill, A theory di,l timed automata, Theoretical Computer Science C is a finite set called the clocks of A.

Extended Timed Alternating Finite Automata: Citation Statistics 6, Citations 0 ’93 ’98 ’04 ’10 ‘ Modelling and analysis of normative documents John J.

Revisited Abdelaziz Fellah Dill Published in Theor.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. From This Tied Figures, tables, and topics from this paper. Extensions have been extensively studied, among them stopwatches, real-time tasks, cost functions, and timed games.


Topics Discussed in This Paper. These tools are becoming more and more mature, but are still all academic research tools. It has been shown that the state reachability problem for timed automata is decidable, [1] which makes this an interesting sub-class of hybrid automata.

CiteSeerX — A Theory of Timed Automata

Timed automata are a sub-class of a type hybrid automata. Along the transitions of the automaton, clock if can be compared to integers. In Theoretical Computer Science, vol. During a run doll a timed automaton, clock values increase all with the same speed.

Further, clocks can be reset. An edge qagrq’ from E is a transition from state q to q’ with action aguard g and clock resets r.

Timed automaton

Showing of 3, extracted citations. CourcoubetisDavid L.

Methods for checking both safety and liveness properties have been developed and intensively studied over the last 20 years. Timed automata can be used to model and analyse the timing behavior of computer systems, e.

Formal language Muller automaton Nondeterministic algorithm Finite-state machine Real-time computing. Citations Publications citing this paper.

Dill Thoery Workshop Our definition provides a simple, and yet powerful, way to annotate state-transition graphs with timing constraints using finitely many real-valued clocks. Views Read Edit View history. By clicking zlur or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License.


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ClarkeKenneth L. BurchEdmund M. Temporal Logic ofReal-time Systems Research. In automata theorya timed automaton is a finite automaton extended with a finite set of real-valued clocks. This paper has 6, citations. This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat McMillanDavid L. The elements autimata Q are called the states of A.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. References Publications referenced by this paper.

Timed automaton – Wikipedia

Q is a finite set. These comparisons form guards that may enable or disable transitions and by doing so constrain the possible behaviors of the automaton. Skip to search form Skip to main content. See our FAQ for additional information. CamilleriGerardo Schneider J.