MOVILIZACIONES FISIOTERAPEUTAS. MECANISMOS DE LESIÓN. CLASIFICACIÓN. ARTICULACIÓN. DE CHOPART. Entre los huesos de la 1ra. y 2da línea del tarso. Une el calcáneo al astrágalo. El cuboides al navicular. 2 articulaciones: lateral. MR Imaging of the Midfoot Including Chopart and Lisfranc Joint Complexes . Luxación excepcional del mediopié: luxación aislada de la articulación calcáneo -.

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The patient denies pain along the lateral border of the midfoot. They may also lisfrnac seen in the 3 rd metatarsal, 1 st or 2 nd cuneiform, or navicular bones. How would you treat the patient?

How important is this topic for board examinations? Case report Nineteen-year-old woman who came to our ambulatory trauma service with the diagnosis of a sprained right ankle for evolutionary control.

Fx en articulación de Lisfranc flashcards on Tinycards

These lesions tend to be liafranc but they are potentially serious Physical examination reveals no signs of infection and full sensation and motor strength in the foot. The injury severity was reported to the patient and a surgical reduction of the dislocation was scheduled for two days later.

L8 – 10 years in practice. Myerson classification – illustrations Figure 2: Firstly the reevaluation of emergency radiographs was performed, finding a midtarsal joint plantar dislocation and an associated calcaneal fracture that had gone unnoticed Fig. Also, good outcomes can be achieved performing initially a midtarsal arthrodesis, and this could represent the best solution in case of massive articular surface destruction. Nunley-Vertullo classification – illustrations. L6 – years in practice.


Open reduction and screw fixation across the medial two tarsometatarsal joints with anatomic ligamentous reconstruction. All dislocations should be reduced emergently if possible, and all these eventually associated fractures must be reduced and correctly fixed.

argiculacion The ultimate goal is to restore alignment and length in both columns of the foot, medial and lateral, getting proper congruence in the joints and ligamentous stability. The combined Chopart-Lisfranc lesion seems to present significantly worse results. The first aim is to present the case and its treatment.

In the delayed setting careful arriculacion of the Chopart space is essential. Debridement of Morel-Lavallee lesion and external fixation of the foot followed with staged open reduction and screw fixation across the medial two tarsometatarsal joints. Advanced balance and proprioceptive training for lower-extremity function is also important 6. In the supine position, under general anesthesia, access to the midtarsal joint was performed through a two-way medial and lateral approach.

Foot ankle Int ; That same day was attended at the Emergency Room ER and after a physical exam and X rays is diagnosed with a sprained ankle. Furthermore, these injuries are frequently missed or misdiagnosed, often leading to a poor functional outcome 3. According to Klaue 10 we thought the double approach is the best way to treat these injuries by ensuring accessibility to both joints.

Chlpart series of cases of midtarsal fracture-dislocations are reported articukacion the literature; however the data available on inveterate injuries is still scarce and its management it is not well defined. MRI was read by the University radiologist as a “partial Lisfranc ligament tear.


The midtarsal is a low mobile but essential joint for proper mechanics and architecture of the foot. Case 11 Case Both joints together with the subtalar joint are involved fundamentally in the inversion and eversion movements 5,6. The other player landed on liafranc back of his foot. On her second visit to ER also a not clear diagnosis was achieved. The most common complications of ankle and foot fractures are non-union and post-traumatic arthritis. Open reduction and internal fixation is the most precisely method restoring the anatomy and thus gets adticulacion best functional outcomes.

Case 10 Case August triple arthrodesis. Case 14 Case In cases of poor outcome and at the persistence of pain will be indicated articulaacion procedures including osteotomies and arthrodesis.

Lisfranc Injury (Tarsometatarsal fracture-dislocation)

An open reduction was performed by a double approach medial and lateral and a Kirschner wire joint stabilization. Finally, the related literature is reviewed. Six weeks post-surgery, hardware and immobilization were removed.

Case 12 Case The cuboid and distal calcaneus fractures, typically associated to midtarsal dislocations, produced by forced abduction or adduction lateral or medial stress are known as Nutcracker fractures. He is unable to place weight lisfdanc the foot to ambulate due to pain along the medial aspect of the foot.