Title: Ashenden: or, The British Agent Author: Maugham, W. Somerset [William Somerset] () Date of first publication: Buy Ashenden, or, The British Agent New Ed by William Somerset Maugham ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free . Ashenden was written by Somerset Maugham and published in It was loosely based on Somerset Maugham’s experiences as an MI6 agent during World.

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Ashenden gave his room an enveloping glance. It amused him to outwit the clumsy German and it appealed to his sense of the absurd to play a part in a shilling shocker. I thought at the time it would make a damned good story.

Gomez, the young Spaniard whom Grantley had betrayed… was a high-spirited youth, with a love of adventure, and he had undertaken his mission not for the money he earned by it, but for a passion for romance.

No one was quite himself just then and patriotism in peace-time an attitude best left to politicians, publicists and fools, but in the dark days of war an emotion that can wring the heart-stringsasenden made one do odd things. Ashenden himself is a very fascinating character. But now Ashenden and he pretended they had never seen one another before. It was with a genuine smile on his lips that he turned the handle and entering the room faced his visitors.

It looked as though, feeling ill, she had taken off the receiver to call for help and then collapsed. Ian was definitely not a fan of Maugham, but I have to say that I am. It also makes them feel more digressive and chatty. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. For her disappointment expressed itself quite plainly, tears came to her eyes and maubham down her cheeks.

This was a great start to a completely new author to me and though I don’t think it gives me a real taste of his fictional writing style, it has left me wanting to read more. Have a little patience and I’m sure you’ll be able to say anything you want. In fact the universe conspired to make him miss every train he wanted to take and he was not happy unless he was settled in his corner, his things on the rack above him, mauugham a good half-hour to spare.

I will tell you about Mexico to-morrow. There was a sinister fascination in his strangeness. She mentioned not infrequently the fact that her grandfather had been an ambassador, but never that he had been a stable-boy and Ashenden had learned this interesting detail from Vienna; for as he grew friendly with her he had thought it necessary to get a few particulars about her past, and he knew among other things that her private income did not permit her to live on the somewhat lavish scale on which she was living in Geneva.


The week in Paris is a disaster mainly because of her addiction to scrambled eggs for breakfast! John Ashenden 4 episodes, Joss Ackland Then there was a little German prostitute, with china-blue eyes and a doll-like face, who made frequent journeys along the lake and up to Berne, and in the exercise of her profession got little titbits of information over which doubtless they pondered with deliberation in Berlin.

But now the Baroness de Higgins, having finished her dinner, gathered up her handkerchief and her bag, and with waiters bowing on either side sailed down the spacious room.

Peters This book consists of a handful of interconnected short stories about a British intelligence officer, Ashenden. It might mean anything. I don’t know that I’d leave a gold cigarette-case about when he was in the neighbourhood, but if he lost money to you at poker and had pinched your cigarette-case he would immediately pawn it to pay you.

Ashenden: Or the British Agent – Wikipedia

I had an infinity of things to do, meetings to go to, ammunition to get, orders to give; I was so besotted over this woman that I could attend to nothing. There is nothing wrong in a climax, it is a very natural demand of the reader; it is only wrong if it does not follow naturally from the circumstances that have gone before.

It is evident that as your rooms look on the lake and the revellers pass your windows, if the noise is serious, you must have heard it. One specific tic is his habit of inserting a subordinate clause in the middle of a sentence highlighted in italics in the examples given above and below. He had he flattered himself few illusions about himself, and so far as bridge was concerned none.

Asyenden was absurd to suppose that in that hotel the news would not have spread that he had been visited by the police and it would be as well to prove to his fellow-guests that he was not disconcerted. To tell you the truth I am nothing but a bundle of nerves and if I am with a person who is antipathetic to me I go all maugha pieces. But I beg you very seriously to have no more anxiety about the outcome of our mission than if you were going for a picnic on the Thames.

He was not asked his business, but led immediately into a long room at the back, once evidently a dining-room, the florid decoration of which looked oddly out of keeping with the office furniture, xomerset and sparse, that was in it. She has something to say to you. This is a collection of short stories can be treated as a collection of short stories, except there are some repeated characters, so you magham read them out of order relaying the fictionalised conquests of W.


Humour As is the way with his class, this aloofness is combined with imperturbable good humour. He becomes a spymaster on a lower level and handles both friendly agents and enemies with aplomb.

It is strange, I felt no anger because she had betrayed me, I should have hated her because of her vileness; I could not, I only felt that my soul was enveloped in night. The police had drawn a blank and though they might watch him from now on with some care it was unlikely that they would take a further step until he had at least roughed out his third act.

This British Spy Thriller Shows How Thrill-Less Spying Can Be

You are commenting using your Twitter account. But you are quite right, we do not want to take any risks; I will give you my knife as well. The ironic denouement is that after the man is captured by the British, he commits suicide before he can be arrested, tried, and executed. Maugham wrote at a time when experimental modernist literature such as that of William Faulkner, Thomas Mann, James Joyce and Virginia Woolf was gaining increasing popularity and winning critical acclaim.

She said I had promised to let her go and she trusted me as a man of honour to keep my word. His desire for a more interesting life than he’s had leads him to accept spymaster R. Somerset Maugham Reading Challenge 41 39 May 22, The flipside of the story.

A Swiss family who knows, perhaps Robinson by nameconsisting of a father and mother and four children, were sitting round a table making the best of two small cups of coffee. Ashenden remembered the iron grip he had given him when they shook hands and slightly shuddered. Ashenden went to the market about nine when the housewives of Geneva for the most part had done their provisioning, stopped in front of the ashehden by the side of which, rain or wind, hot or cold, sat ashenven indomitable creature and bought half a pound of butter.

The somrset described in the stories are modelled on Maugham’s experiences as a secret agent, and “the central character, Ashenden, is very much an autobiographical character.

It did not take them long to settle things and when Ashenden rose to go he had already made careful note of his instructions.

He wondered whether R.