Aug 2, This Pin was discovered by Denis Kassel. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Type, Comic Book. Language, German. Notes, Limitierte Ausgabe – Die goldene Sichel – Tour de France – Asterix und die Goten – Asterix bei den Briten. von (German) Lauf/Würfelspiel mit Ereigniskärtchen, Wer dran ist würfelt beide Würfel, sucht einen für Asterix aus und zieht Asterix. Dann stellt.

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There is one little village on the coast of Gaul that just The first Asterix album 14 April Now that I have the complete Tintin collection I decided that I would get assterix hands on the other comic book series that I liked as a child, which surprise, surprise, was Asterix.

Like the Tintin reread I’m doing I gallief also endeavour to read all the Asterix books once again. You can even read Harry Potter in Latin As Getafix and Asterix escape, they are stopped by a huge army of Roman cojic commanded by Julius Caesar.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Character profiles of the album Tapidesourix T They are already very clever and can outwit anyone before they know it. We are sure though that consuming more than one boars at at time, he has made a promising start towards his personal fulfillment.

I even read a couple in Latin whilst in high school yes, the adventures of Asterix are available in Latin, just like several other comic books. View all 3 comments. This is often solved by having them look for some kind of MacGuffin or otherwise face a more intangible problem, so I’m usually completely fine with this.

Asterix der Gallier | Comicogs Database & Marketplace

I myself read the German translations as a kid. Lists with This Book. A small head of Asterix first appeared on the cover of 9 24 Decemberand a full Asterix cover was used on 21 17 March Excelente primer tomo para presentar a Asterix y su astreix, favoreciendo a los galos y delirando bastante a los romanos.


The Mansions of the Gods Asterix: This page is the only Asterix plate not to have been drawn by Albert Uderzo. Asterix, ou protagonist is physically dwarfish but very sharp-witted astegix brave. Not content with having been widely translated, like all the other albums, the first Adventure of Asterix has appeared in all kinds of forms: Unlike Tintin the early Asterix comics are much more accessible.

The year is 50 BC, and all Gaul is occupied. Definitely worth reading this series! But the asterlx on display is tremendous see, e. Upon meeting Asterix and Getafix, Caesar hears of Crismus Bonus’ intentions against himself; deports Crismus Bonus and his garrison to Outer Mongolia ; and frees Asterix and Getafix astedix giving him the information, while reminding them that they are still enemies.

I know it’s because the word plays don’t work the same in English, but still. Looking forward to rest of the series. One of wsterix, for example, the way that the French are always going: And how about my granddaughter?

Anything is possible, with a little cunning plus the druid Getafix’s magic potions!

Asterix der Gallier

Coimc read these, but these aren’t all. Asterix in front, Obelix at back, and Dogmatix – middle. The punning names, the silly plot, the smart Gauls, the boars. The publisher responds to an inquiry by the National Anti-Doping Agency NADA in Germany, who was able domic demonstrate years of extensive doping of the popular cartoon characters.


AsterixObelixPanoramix. He’s very good, if I do say so. Nov 23, Traveller rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 21 comments.

Asterix der Gallier | Astérix in | Pinterest | Books, Comics and Comic books

Feb 21, Morgan rated it really liked it Shelves: Asterix le Gaulois was published in July by Dargaud in the so-called comc collection” with a print of copies. There is no blatant racism. Of course, upon learning of the potion, Crismus Bonus decides that to have this power would give him much more influence back in Rome, so decides to go his own way to depose Ceaser and set himself up as dictator.

I must say, I had a bit of difficulty adjusting to the English names.

There is never a dull moment and the situations are so excessively hilarious that I find myself shutting the book to laugh for a good couple of minutes and resuming a moment later. Their effects can be truly hair-raising …. Goscinny — Drawings by: Strange punny Latin character names, even Latin words? It’s a fair question. Reading a 3-in-1 edition, but writing a mini-review for the first volume.

The art improves from here, and our heroes look a bit different before they evolve This is the first album and it does show a lot, especially after you have read a lot of the others. Since then over 30 books in this series were translated into over languages today. It revolves around the Cer trying to figure out the secret of the Gauls’ great strength, kidnapping the druid Getafix to acquire it for themselves.