The Astroscan was a wide-field 4⅛” clear-inch (mm) diameter reflecting telescope, originally Edmund Wide-Field Telescope manual, published September , Edmund Scientific Company, Barrington NJ, CLOUDY NIGHTS FORUM. • Main Street, Tonawanda, NY # Astroscan ® Millennium Tabletop Telescope. Astroscan ® Millennium User’s Guide. Our new Astroscan® Millennium telescope is the best overall telescope for any The fully illustrated user’s manual is written especially with you, the beginner.

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Edmund Astroscan | 10 Minute Astronomy

Objects will appear to move faster as you raise magnification, and more frequent positional adjustments will need to be made. There are reports of a Kickstarter campaign by one of the original Astroscan creators to fund production of a adtroscan version based on the original Astroscan telescope. A moment later, it was gone, and the last transit of Venus until was over.

The telescope body is made from high impact ABS and is equipped with a carrying strap to astoscan portability. It was tiny in the Astroscan—the short focal length limits the magnification—but very sharp, and he stayed hunched over the telescope after everyone else had gone off for some naked-eye stargazing.

Later models, as shown in the above picture, had a red-dot finder added for aiming. The HyperStar ,anual Assembly includes three pieces: Further, product malfunction or deterioration due to normal wear is not covered by this warranty.


Astroscan “In The Field”. I hope you had the opportunity to do the same.

Astroscan Download Free (astroscan for sale 2015)

asttoscan But for photography, I prefer the filtered direct view—even in a one-inch scope. The kickstarter has ended, however, and it is unknown if production will continue.

Loosen the 3 primary mirror lock screws a couple of turns each Figure 8. Parts or product for which replacement is made shall become the property of Celestron.

Celestron will repair or replace such product or part thereof which, upon inspection by Celestron, is found to be defective in materials or workmanship. Views Read Edit View history. If the telescope needs realignment, contact us at for further direction 1. Deep-sky objects often fall from view at higher magnifications, since the image becomes dimmer.

Because it was targeted at the novice market the telescope had its limitations: Even powerful telescopes cannot magnify stars to appear as anything more than these pinpoints. Remove the thumb nuts shown in Figure 1 from the top of the optical tube assembly, just above the focuser. Very round, in fact. Remote Outboard ,anual System. Inplans and committees were set up at Edmund to help revitalize the aging Astroscan.

A simple search for the Astroscan in Astronomy forums reveals that the little red telescope has many detractors, and many defenders:.


This holds the secondary astrooscan onto the telescope! Using a Phillips head screwdriver, loosen the two black screws located on the side of the base. As a condition to the obligation of Celestron to repair or replace such product, the product must be returned to Celestron together with proof-of-purchase satisfactory to Celestron.

Why is this important right now?

Other features of the Astroscan were controversial: Remove the plastic covers. However, right behind the single, plastic objective lens is an aperture stop with only a 1-cm hole in the middle.

Astroscan® Millennium Telescope – Portable, Powerful & Easy-to-Use –

The optics would be changed to more modern and less costly counterparts. The design is durable and allows for simple operation by novice amateur astronomers; it won an Industrial Design Award in In The Beginning In the Edmund Scientific company started developing a telescope that would be its flagship model. The finder must be pointing at the same object as the optical tube. By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy to improve your experience.

Message boards were inquired, costs assessed, ideas explored, et cetera.