I asked in the prior update what you’d like to see next for Aquelarre, and the result was a virtual dead-heat between Asturies Medievalia (setting), Ars Malefica. I asked in the prior update what you’d like to see next for Aquelarre, and the result was a virtual dead-heat between Asturies Medievalia. Gonzalo Peláez (died March ) was the ruler of the Asturias from to , during the .. Asturiensia medievalia, 2()– Reilly, Bernard F. The.

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In my opinion Saeptum and Ars Malefica should go first, then some of the adventures: According to the Chronica AdefonsiGonzalo threw himself at Alfonso’s feet, admitted his guilt, and begged for forgiveness, which he received.

Share this project Done. However, he’s set out an aggressive plan to complete all three of these books over the next nine months with the intent to be finished end of February But ideally, adventures, adventures, adventures.

So, What Do You Want Next?

Cabell is working on the long, three-part adventure from the GM Screen that did not get unlocked in this project, and that virtually completes the Saeptum Arbitri because the other portions have been added to this project. For me, adventures are always the best. The Moods of the Mad King And last, Alan Bahr, who will be instrumental in Nocturnal Media’s future of more timely Kickstarter delivery, has a fourth project of his own currently live.

Add to cart More. Posted by Stewart Wieck Creator.

So I won’t need to hide from you at the convention! Let me know with comments here, please. By June he was dominante Asturias lording it over Asturiasand in a document of December he was described as caput terra head of the land.


On the other hand, Ars Malefica has new magical professions you can heal people by spitting on them! Please take a look! As far as I can determine, the best Aquelarre supplement is Ars Malefica, hands down. In the meantime, enjoy the Aquelarre beasts in the new text chapter. The good progress continues!

Please take a look! I would go for the Ars Malefica first, because that sounds by far the most promising, followed perhaps by Asturies Medievalia, meievalia the setting is really interesting, so a bit more information sounds like a nice idea. Grid List Sort by — Price: Seguramente uma das melhores online stores da Europa.

Phil Brucato did asturues development work on this edition and he’s borne the heavy weight of Mage for some time now, but as the game’s original designer at White Wolf, it’s fun to see Nosolorol putting such a huge asturifs into THEIR translation! There is no reference to a count of Asturias afterand Gonzalo was unrelated to the previous counts. Both of these project creators have outstanding track records on Kickstarter, so please take a look!

Reilly Decameron meduevalia also a great adventure module and includes a good short campaign as well. Our every intention is to fulfill the outstanding Kickstarters, but our plans to do so might require some re-calibration before we proceed.

I only suggest this as third instead of second because the bestiary is only about half as long. I’m not flagging this update as backer-only so that other pre-order supporters of Aquelarre can find information here. By October medievaalia had taken up residence in Portugal at the court of Afonso Henriquesaccompanied by his household knights.


Posted May 26, I would vote for both of them to be translated first!

Gonzalo Peláez – Wikipedia

I would definitely go for the Asturies and Bestiarium first. We’re drawing very close on the text. As an outside deadline, you’ll absolutely have a digital version of the game prior to GenCon in August. La segunda vez que compro en esta tienda y no puedo estar mas encantado, el servicio, los productos, la rapidez But after Ars Malefica I’d think Daemonolatreia would be the natural or unnatural followup. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at my email: The Chronica records that “whomever they caught, they sent away with his hands cut off,” which “was done for several days”.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bartonn1. Below is a wood demon I’ve not even shown backers of that project! A to Z Product Name: But I want them all. Asturias Medievalia gives a close look to a region of Spain that could not be well controlled by the feudalism system. I only suggest this as third instead of second because the bestiary is only about half as long.

Boy did I loose money on that title When Gonzalo realised how many of his knights had been captured he negotiated a year-long truce a “mutual covenant of peace” in the words of the Chronica. The text is almost completed!