Hello All: I just bought an ATI Radeon X Pro ( MB) AGP for my the X online has manuals for only the HD series of the Radeon. personal computers that have Installation Instructions detailing user Congratulations on the purchase of your ATI RadeonĀ® X Pro graphics card. We hope. User manual for the device ATI Technologies RADEON X Online user manual database.

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ATI Technologies RADEON X1650 user manual

I recently got my Sapphire radeon x pro agp and just decided to install it. I opened my case and it fit in perfectly, which was great since this is my 1st time doing this. I read the manual and it says that I need to connect the power cable to my power supply, and the other 2 ends to my HD and the small radeno to the graphics card. I really want to get my card to x11650. PS – I have an integrated pro savageddr card atm which I haven’t disabled yet, and I haven’t connected my monitor to the vga output because I want to install the drivers first, but I can’t because my comp doesn’t recognize the card.

I opened my case and I saw that the graphics card’s d1650 was running Why is it not being detected?!

SOLVED: Free download ATI RADEON XPRO MB AGP – Fixya

I went to my bios and put the agp card as default, since it was on pci, but it’s still not being detected! Is it because it’s not screwed in right and it’s not sturdy? When you insert the driver disk it doesn’t detect the card? And no you don’t have to hook it up how they specify in the manualso long as you have a power cable going into the card it should be fine. Alsoplug the monitor cable into the card. I put the CD in and it installs net 2.

If I try the installation package from ATI’s website I get “Setup was unable to find components that can be installed on your current hardware or software configuration. Please make sure you have the required hardware or software. I made sure the primary graphics adapter was agp instead of pci I tried this but I get no signal from the card when I boot up I’ve seen no “found new hardware” message at all.


Raden know the card is running though because I see the fan spinning, so it must be getting power.

My Mobo has no option to disable the integrated card but I changed the default graphics device from pci to agp to no avail. I’ve also tried getting the latest chipset drivers, but nothing.

Basically, it wanted me to connect the aux to the card and then one cable to the psu and another end to the hdd. I disconnected the cable from mmanual hdd to the floppy and connected the other end of the card’s cable to the HDD and I turned my comp on and it started making some weird loud noises, so I turned it off and disconnected it and now it works normal again.

Yet, my GC still isn’t being detected. It’s 8X and my comp is 4x Originally Posted by Zens. I bought it off of ebay but it’s this exact card. It might be labeled wrong on newegg, because when you zoom in to the box it does say agp 8x. Can you confirm anywhere on the box or manual that it says 4x or that it is backwards compatible with it. Can my voltage or clock speed be wrong? I’ve tried googling this but I afi found an answer. Radeoj, at first I was having trouble screwing in the metal side to the back of my case, ;ro I made sure it’s nice and firm now.

I took it out and made sure it was seated properly. The possible causes that come to my mind are improper BIOS settings or the fact that I have one end of the power cable sticking out, which the manual says is supposed to be connected to the hdd. The card seems to be working and getting power because the fan is spinning, but I don’t know why it’s not being detected. I would thing the card is bad the power wire only shows the hard drive because some pc do not have the extra power lead you do and have to power the card from the plug that goes to the hard drive, it’s just a y connector.


I was a bit worried about having it connected to only 1 outlet. Do the voltage settings matter? Maybe it’s not getting the adequate settings I have a ECS l7vmm3 mobo. If canyone can guide me through the bios settings as a last resort I would appreciate it.

Sapphire X pro AGP installation – Tech Support Forum

There are no voltage settings for the video card. If you’re referring to the AGP Comp.

Driving in the Bios leave it set to Auto. Any final tips or other troubleshooting steps to try?


I’ve already contacted the seller claiming it’s “DOA” and they’re willing to refund Should I buy the same card from a different seller, or try it out at a friend’s pc? I would at least try it on another computer first before returning it to make sure. BB code is on.

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Sapphire X pro AGP installation. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Originally Posted by Zens It’s 8X radeoon my comp is 4x Originally Posted by Zens Is it because it’s not screwed in right and it’s not sturdy?