Hampstead, London, N.W.. The Submerged Continents of Atlantis and Lemuria. Their History and Civilization. By Rudolf Steiner. Translated by Max Gysi. GA and Lemuria were envisaged by Steiner and Scott-Elliot to have lain in the Atlantic Rudolf Steiner (, ) wrote about Atlantis and Lemuria based on. The Submerged Continents of Atlantis and Lemuria Their History and Civilization By Rudolf Steiner. Translated by Max Gysi GA On-line since: 15th August.

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Thus the misuse of these powers arose. Let’s conclude the story of humanity’s past, as described by Steiner. While the control which the male element exercised was directed more toward the external action of the powers of the will, toward the manipulation of the forces of nature, beside it in the female element there developed an action through the soul, through the inner, personal forces of man This book helps clarify Occult Science which our study group is currently reading.

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Lemuria – Waldorf Watch

We may say that as a result of atlatis luciferic influence, man descended more deeply on to the earth in the Lemurian epoch [i. They also used this fire in their labors and contrivances.

Austrian-born Rudolf Steiner was a noted Goethe see Vol.

He would otherwise have spent all the intervening time in a much more spiritual way; but as it was, he passed through it more materially. The map of this ancient continent. Steiner identified the divine female principle — the feminine side of God, as it were — as Sophia, or Wisdom.


Now scientists can try to figure out how we are what we are, or they can close their eyes and dive into the Akashic Record and prove that a story about an land that sunk into the ocean from Plato’s Timaeus is a fact. These include Waldorf schools, centers for special education, medical clinics, biodynamic farms, centers for various arts, and much more.

Cosmic Memory: Atlantis and Lemuria by Rudolf Steiner

And then we blew up Lemuria leumria, destroying it utterly. See all 21 reviews. To visit other pages related to this page, use the following links: In this manner he understood plants and animals in their inner action and life Brad Thompson rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Atlantis and Lemuria Harper library of spiritual wisdom by Rudolf Steiner.

As a result too of the great storms, the whole atlantsi of the Earth changed The thin ground was everywhere undermined by volcanic forces which broke forth in smaller or larger streams. The above-mentioned density of air is as certain for occult experience as any fact of today given by the senses can be.

Is It a Religion? Megan rated it really liked it May 27, There is nothing wrong with something being a narrative, I’d say just about everything in life is in one way or another part of a story we tell ourselves about the world and that colors the entire world for us. To visit other pages related to this page, use the following links: We evolved through many sub-stages during all of the stages of our evolution, including during Present Earth, but we needn’t go into all of them now.


Steiner always rambled; making his statements seem clear and coherent is a challenge. Nothing on Lemuria atlantiis even Atlantis was as firmly, densely physical as the objects found in our world today. Add cover photo 3 12 Jun 30, Having evolved through the Polarian, Hyperborean.

Cosmic Memory: Atlantis and Lemuria (Harper library of spiritual wisdom)

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In the best tradition of ancient wisdom literature, COSMIC MEMORYreconstructs from the akashic record events between the origin of the earth and wnd beginning of recorded history, including a core investigation of the origins, achievements, and the fate of the Atlanteans and Lemurians. Life on Earth, in a manner of speaking, began with the Polarian Epoch, which was followed by the Hyperborean Epoch. Any student of this era will be interested to read this one. anx

I am a student of both of these cultures and have more books than the local library on this subject.