Manifesto Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Trinamul Congress and Biju Janata Dal are all committed to implement the capital-centered program . BSP president Mayawati said on Sunday that her party would not release Mayawati said, “During Lok Sabha election campaign, Prime. Don’t get fooled by manifestos: BSP. Staff Reporter. KOLKATA, April 01, 14 IST Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati being garlanded by.

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The party claims to be inspired by the philosophy of Gautama BuddhaB. Ramasamy and Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj.

Manifesto |

The BSP was the third most voted-for party in the general election but still failed to win any seats in the 16th Lok Sabha. The BSP has no separate youth wing as it has at least 50 percent representation of youth in its organizational structure. The Pali word “Bahujana” manifdsto popularly found in the literature of Buddhist texts. Gautama Buddha used this word to guide his disciples to work for the Bahujana Hitaya Bahujana Sukhaya tran.

Benefit and prosperity of majority people. The BSP’s primary focus is on the uplifting of what it sees as the nation’s downtrodden groups. They see these groups as having been victims of the “Manuwadi” system for millennia, a system which benefited upper-caste Hindus only.

Ambedkar, champion of lower-caste rights, as one of their key icons and ideological inspirations. They also believe in egalitarianism and hold a strong emphasis on social justice. Dalit intellectuals supported by BSP, which is trying to mobilise grassroot Dalits using local heroes, histories, myths and legends found a wealth of resources in the oral history of the regions of [Uttar Bahujab centering around the rebellion.

bahujqn The political strategy of bahjan party is to tell and retell the stories of these heroes, build memorials and organize celebrations around their stories smaaj to build a collective memory in the psyche of the people. The stories are narrated in such a manner that the Dalits imagine the story of the making of this nation in which they played a significant role.


On 2 Juneshe withdrew support from his government, which led to a major incident where Yadav was accused of sending his goons to keep her party legislators hostage at a Lucknow guest house and shout casteist abuses at her. The results of the May Uttar Pradesh state assembly election saw the BSP emerge as a sole majority party, the first to do so since Mayawati began her fourth term as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and took her oath of office along with 50 ministers of cabinet and state rank on 13 Mayat Rajbhawan in the state capital of Lucknow.

The party could manage only 80 seats in as against in assembly elections. BSP government was the first in the history of Uttar Pradesh to parry its full five-year term. The national Lok Sabha elections saw the BSP become the third-largest national party of India in terms of vote percentage, having 4.

On 9 August ; Mayawati declared that she had chosen a successor from the Dalit community who is 18—20 years her junior. She has penned down his name in a sealed packet left in the safe mznifesto of two of her close confidantes. The name of the successor will manjfesto disclosed on her death.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Politics of India Political parties Elections. Jyotirao Phulean Indian activist, thinker, social reformer from Maharashtra.

Poor show in Delhi to cost BSP its national party status

He fought for the eradication of untouchability and bagujan caste system, women’s emancipation and the reform of Hindu family life. He also formed the Satyashodhak Samaj Society of Seekers of Truth to attain equal rights for peasants and people from lower castes.

Ambedkarchief architect of Indian Constitution and first law minister of India who campaigned against untouchability, caste system and also campaigned for the rights of women and labourers.

He was born into a family of the Ezhava caste in an era when people from such communities, which were regarded as Avarna, faced much injustice in manifestto caste-ridden society of Kerala. He led a reform movement in Kerala, rejected casteism, and promoted new values of spiritual freedom and social equality.


Ramasamyan Indian social activist, freedom fighter and politician who started the Self-Respect Movement. He is known as manitesto ‘Father of modern Tamilnadu’. He has done exemplary works against Brahminical dominance, caste prevalence and women oppression in Tamilnadu. Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj was of Indian princely state of Kolhapur.

Inside the little-known world of the Bahujan Samaj Party: Yearning for equality, striving for power

He worked tirelessly bbahujan the cause of the lower caste subjects in his state. Primary education to all regardless of caste and creed was one of his most significant priorities.

Mayawati said she would devote her life for the self-respect movement”. Retrieved 24 December Retrieved 4 October Parties corner vote share, but fail to win seats”.

Political parties with lesser seats get more vote share”. The Financial Express in Latin. Retrieved 21 May BSP has no other outfit, social media accounts – Times of India”.

The Times of India.

Women legislators in Indian politics. Leader of the Dalits TwoCircles. Dalits and memories of ” PDF. Mutiny at the Margins Conference: Archived from the original on 3 November Archived from the original on 28 December Political parties in India.

Bahujan Samaj Party

Politics List of political parties Politics of India. Retrieved from ” https: Bahujan Samaj Party Socialist parties in India Political parties established in establishments in India National political parties padty India Ambedkarite political parties Dalit politics.

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Punjab 1 Uttar Pradesh 3 [43].

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