on performance – the 4G V-Station™ is the right solution. The full featured fingerprint Bioscrypt Enterprise Access. Solutions, a subsidiary of L After careful review of customer feedback, the 4G V-Station LiteTM was designed to streamline installation and administration for small, medium or. The new design brings the high speed, accuracy and interactivity of a Bioscrypt 4G V-Station™ to the small form factor of the Bioscrypt 4G Lite™ suite of products .

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Features at a Glance Up tousers for 1: Universal Licensing The following licensing option must be enabled within the Access It! Confidently deploy a biometric device created for organizations that cannot compromise on security regardless of the weather. Many applications see comparable MorphoAccess models below Up to 25, users for 1: Select the Default security threshold The default threshold determines the ratio of false rejects to false accepts.

A variety of models are available to address a wide range of deployment scenarios, from small template requirements to scaling up to addresstemplates or virtually an unlimited number of users with smartcards. Technical Specifications – BioScrypt 4G. As a partner of the leading manufacturers and with our team of highly qualified technicians, we react to your requirements quickly and flexibly.

From compact entry level models to high quality re-transfer printers: Help Desk Software by HappyFox. Concerned about access control in the rain, sleet, snow or desert conditions? Refer to the L-1 Installation Guide for specific power information. The overall procedure when entering a PIN at this reader is as follows: Normal Business hours will resume January 2nd. Color ribbon cartridges, laminates or cleaning materials: If fingerprint comparison matches, the EP controller grants access to the external reader.

  DELCO 34993 PDF

This option is useful when environmental conditions may require certain card holders to have a less secure security threshold to allow biometric verification when dealing with dirty or harsh environments.

4G V-Station PIN + Fingerprint

Competent consulting, short delivery times, professional service: The Weather Resistant WR models have specialized components and a built in hood that offers protection against certain outdoor elements.

The full featured device unleashes a combination of power, usability and more.

Features at a Glance Up to 25, users for 1: Advanced technologies for biometric access control. High performance card printers?

4G V-Station PIN + Fingerprint – RS2 Technologies, LLC

We supply plastic cards for any application. Universal dongle and is a system wide license. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

Our IP 65 rated solution is built to address your concerns and perform in moderate to the most extreme outdoor conditions. Nexus – Innovative and practical solutions for the plastic cards and card printers. Nexus offers everything around the plastic card – including 30 years of experience.

Profit from our Know-how — Nexus has the best solution for your card! You need personalized ID cards?


When used with Mercury-Security hardware and Access It! The EP controller compares the fingerprint read to the stored template within its database.

Nexus Technology in social networks: From dispensers to punches and card holders: The fingerprint read is sent to the EP controller. Many applications see comparable MorphoAccess models below 2. Home Discontinued Software Access It!

Universal Version 4 Features. Or individual complete solutions? We are your competent partner for solutions in high security areas. Not every solution requires extreme weather performance. The V-Station 4G is a combination fingerprint reader with a keypad and built in proximity reader.

A variety of models are available to address a wide range of deployment scenarios, from small template requirements to scaling up to addresstemplates or virtually an unlimited number of users with smartcards Features at a Glance Up bioscyptusers for 1: Everything you need fort he production of ID cards: We put together powerfull bundles including hard- and software.

The device is the smallest biometric form-factor in the 4G product lineup, making it ideal for mullion or single gang mounting requirements.