But apparently down this path Bob Boyce took towards TPU-like scalar energy, of precise frequency control and heterodyning, lies the ability to. (As of Nov. ), A South African experimenter has modified an electrolysis circuit developed by Bob Boyce so that now it recharges his daughter’s electric. The Bob Boyce Plate Cell & PWMG3 & Toroid Coil & Plans. Given Away to the Public, to Further Mankind. Written by Patrick Kelly. Bob Boyce is easily the.

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Vortex mode, which is almost identical to rotational mode. I really love the saying “the eye of the storm”, as it is very applicable to a torus of swirling energy.

SYnchronization of multiple chips tricky. Ypu Logged Free Energy searching for free energy and discussing free energy Re: Bob, I definitely look forward to working with you here.

This is why so many device configurations are possible with this type of technology, some working better than others. Motorcoach1 on August 05, How To Tune The time base of your controller should be in the center of the coil.

Applied pulse width may be set for ns, but what is the actual pulse width at the primary? After the positive pulse, there were a pair of fairly high amplitude positive spikes, with a low amplitude distortion between them.

Bob Boyce TPU

Might help to look up the history of “displacement current” – how Maxwell came up with it and how it was never detected in his lifetime. Here’s a little bit about the setup.


If this requires another IC to be a driver, so be it. I didn’t see anything boycr but I was able to pick up beat frequency oscillations on other coils when tested on my TPU. Another possibility is to elevate the Gob on a plastic or mount so that the weight is carried by the mount, but lets a circular flourescent lamp fit around it such that the TPU is almost sitting on the round flourescent tube.

I would also like to have the output stage opto isolated on separate boards — better for saftey and make sit easier to make a range of output boards to test: It will resist even these slight phase shifts that are applied. Try separating the ground of the secondary from the others so that it’s output is by pure induction, and no I do not mean “electromagnetic induction”.

The three primaries are equidistant on degree centers, held in place with beeswax, and tightly taped. I am now working on a way to temporarily provide an isolated HV potential to the bbob winding, which will most probably involve a battery, an inverter which has a transformer, which will provide the ground isolationand a bridge rectifier, just like Bob has in D9.

Bob Boyce TPU – [PDF Document]

Check this out and join BitTube. I want to thank you for bocye all that I have worked so hard to achieve. I wanted to see if adding these would allow for additional output in homopolar fashion without affecting operation. Absolutely, standing waves are the key to creating these EM holograms interference patterns that caninduce effects to and from the dominant energy.

They seem to have very little trouble with these examples, but yet they have a very hard time grasping the concept of tapping into unseen or unfelt natural energies. I am convinced that this is the way to go. Many thanks for supporting OverUnity. The programming environment is free. When I went into business for myself, I had the time boycd devote to research and experimentation.


For example, laminated iron cores are great for lower frequencies as compared to ferrite cores, powdered iron cores, black sands cores, conductor ring cores, and air cores. I would suggest several things, not just for you but all of the builders: I had the passive IR motion detector alarm on the CCTV system disabled due to the large number of nocturnal critters that roam this area during the summer months, otherwise I would have bboyce an alarm sound off.

This will take me a while to wind and space evenly considering I get tiredeasy ;- A day and night of winding and a crude secondary was born. No because half my traditional brain says this is opposite to everything I learned and have experienced in life.

My fingers are not asnimble as they used to be. Just consider what could happen if certain people were to get all the information they could on negative uses of this or any other energy technology.

How would you connect the open ended coil to this?