Mentor Pyxis Custom Design to Calibre Standard Interfaces. and L-Edit layout environments, providing access to Calibre nmDRC, nmLVS, xRC, xACT and PERC directly from the Tanner environment. Users can enable the Calibre RealTime toolbar through the menu, as documented in the Calibre RealTime manual. Calibre® xRC is a robust parasitic extraction tool that delivers accurate parasitic data for comprehensive and accurate post-layout analysis and simulation. calibre manual – Calibre PEX for SPICE extraction – schematic export failed- ( The syntax is documented in the calibre Verification User’s manual, part of the.

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Kanual Extraction and Netlisting with Environment Variables Depending on the output distributed RC netlist format you choose, you can perform additional netlist formatting using Calibre xRC tool-specific environment variables. For more information on PDF-based documentation, and details calbre performing find and search operations, refer to Using Mentor Graphics Documentation with Acrobat Reader.

Calibre Manual Are you looking for?: When you use this statement, you must list the nets by name you want excluded from the extraction run.

Calibre Manual

See attachment snapshot from calibre Interactive Users manual. You may copy Software only as reasonably necessary to support the authorized use. If Software was provided for limited term use, this Agreement will automatically expire at the end of the authorized term.

It is possible the foundry has reasons for wanting you t. If you omit this number, then the Calibre xRC tool runs on the maximum number of CPUs available for which you have licences.


Calibre Interactive and Calibre RVE User’s Manual

Precision is ratio of database units to user units. The layout caibre contains connectivity data for the top-level cell and subcircuits down to the primitive device level. Device The Device statement, or statements, define pins on primitive devices.

Previous 1 2 Next. For the database constructor to calculate the best overall hierarchy, it must make useer between two types of cells; base layer cells deviceand top layer cells non-device forming. You shall take appropriate action to protect the confidentiality of Software and ensure that any person permitted access to Software does not disclose it or use it except as permitted by this Agreement.

When you supply multiple Layout Path statements, the first database must contain the top cell you specify with the Layout Primary. Iser individual SVRF statements, keyword order is unimportant.

When you set this variable to ON, the Formatter does not create new instance names for smashed devices. Actual RC Network Examples. Mentor Graphics Corporation All rights reserved.


Concepts During PHDB creation, the Calibre xRC tool extracts hierarchical geometries, and stores the results of connectivity extraction and device recognition. Consequently, this will produce 4 via resistors. You would have to do this for every layout for which you want to extract the parasitics important.

You create an xcell list based on the hierarchy you want, and the Calibre xRC tool analyzes and extracts the hierarchy. If any provision of this Agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be void, invalid, unenforceable or illegal, such provision shall be severed from this Agreement and the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect.


Before You Begin Extraction. The prevailing party in any legal action regarding the subject matter of this Agreement shall be entitled to recover, in addition to other relief, reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses.

My question, after that how can do the simulation and compare the simulation with the schematic sim. Mentor Graphics shall keep in confidence all information gained as a result of any audit.

In the case of h you shall reimburse Mentor Graphics for its attorney fees and other costs related to the action upon a final judgment. Also, this netlist contains a subckt definition for each xcell. You can control how the tool reduces vias using the following environment variable: Includes any source net, from any level of the hierarchy, that is not ported out and has the character strings in or out somewhere within the net name.

Implementing Layout Name Extraction. Example Design Usfr and xcell List.

Now click on Output. Mentor Graphics reserves the right to make changes in specifications and other information contained in this publication without prior notice, and the reader should, in all cases, consult Mznual Graphics to determine whether any changes have been made.

For example, if you set both environment variables to the following values: Calibre xRC tool — defines a design’s hierarchy for global net extraction. Example 3-Step Calibre Tool Invocation 1.