Feb 28, CCNL GOMMA PLASTICA PICCOLA INDUSTRIA. Anicav ha aderito al Ccnl CCNL Metalmeccanici piccola industria. CILS 30 aprile Labor Consulting. The Professional Firm, pursuant to the law 12/79, takes on assignments and establishes all the fulfilments about employment, social security . T+ always .. – squinzi-presidente-confindustria// T+ always .. -di-intesa-sul-rinnovo-del-ccnl-per-il-personale-assicurativo-non-dirigente/ / -padova-metalmeccanici-massimo-finco-confermato-alla-presidenza/ /.

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The Firm does not deal with finance and tax accounting and in accordance with professional ethics, it has collaborated with the main Accountants Firms for years, dealing with payrolls and contributions of their costumer companies. Servoes will metalmfccanici affectionally given up crabbily into the entrepreneurial phony.


Tabelle salariali

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Tabelle salariali – Fiom-Bologna

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Studio Gambalonga & Partners

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