An easy to understand altissimo register clarinet fingering chart with large images , alternate fingerings, and sound. Don’t be afraid to approach altissimo notes armed with several different fingering charts. Two of my favorites are Ridenour’s Clarinet Fingerings. This page has pictures of the fingering positions of all the commonly played notes on the clarinet. Great for printing out for your beginning student.

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Play consecutive altissimo notes with the most logical and uncomplicated fingerings that work well together.

The Clarinet of the 21st Century – VII/2 Eb Altissimo Alternate Fingerings

Be aware if you are biting don’t do it! I particularly liked your advice about playing up an octave to practice the altissimo notes. Easy to play in tune, responds very well. altiszimo

Practice alternating between e” and a” using the same fingering LH: This link has been changed and is now at http: Subscribe To Posts Atom. Use for slurring with lower registers and for pp. The American clarinetist Clainet Gulick writes of classifications for altissimo register pitches. Use in slurs from lower registers.


Clarinet Fingering Chart

Secure at ppuseful for wide interval leaps. RT G Harmonic G 4. Full tone, good intonation, and great response at pp. Slowly practice one octave chromatic scales progressing higher and higher. Play with the pressure point of the bottom lip on the slightly thicker, stiffer portion of the reed by taking minutely more reed into your mouth. For altissimo use a slightly more open throat say “ahhhh” a little bit.

These fingerings apply to Boehm-system alto, bass, and contrabass clarinet unless specified otherwise. RT G C 34 This may be of interest to you, Jenny.

In tune, responds well, beautiful tone. Good intonation and response.

“Clarinet Fingering Guide with Altissimo Suggestions For Playing”

Example 7 click on music alltissimo mp3 Altissimo fingerings in a second classification produce pitches from overblown throat tones, without the left thumb covering the back tone hole Example 8. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Some of the fingerings are useful only in trills or as the top note in scalar passages. Thomas 1 dissertations 1 Edward S. How to Overcome Audition Success Envy. GK R G Secure at ppuseful for wide interval leaps.


Good for wide skips.

The tip of the tongue is used gently for articulation. Use in combination with lower clarion notes. Sharper than previous fingering. Responds quickly and in tune.

Before you venture in the altissimo register, here are some things that will help you in your journey:. RT G Flat, use for facility, trill fingering with C 6. Use an electronic tuner to train your ear, lip, and throat.