If you have Sibelius, Sibelius Student or Sibelius First, you can transfer your own music to your iPad in a number of ways: You can use the File. i bought a partition and i realized, it was a “scorch” file. 1) I can only view it on the website where i bought it. 2) it can only be seen on. Publish your own music and sell it in the Scorch Store (requires Sibelius or for you or your vocalist, change instruments, or convert to and from guitar tab.

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Scorch is incompatible with all modern 64-bit web browsers

Support for scores created in Sibelius Users continue to report bugs, features that were working have now stopped working due to ios updates and no sign that this will updated.

The Scorch interface and document display at high resolution on Retina devices. Scorch is still conveet usable for performances so I still convert my Sibelius files to pdf and use the rock solid feature rich ‘forScore’. Powered by the award-winning Sibelius engine, Scorch is the full-featured, professional way to learn, practise, and perform sheet music on the go.

Sharing scores The Scorch toolbar now includes a Sharing menu that lets you do the following directly from Scorch: Avid Scorch now natively supports both bit vonvert bit iPads. You can also publish your Sibelius and Sibelius First scores and sell them to others.


With this powerful app, viewing beautiful scores is just the beginning. Synthesizer and wavetables cknvert from Crimson Technology, Inc. If you had added any of your own scores, you’ll need to add these again.

I would like to see in the future however the option to make actual notation changes to the score and even the possibility to create entire scores on the ipad. Crashes as soon as try to open xml file.

At times i have noticed one or two little bugs, such as when you open a newly downloaded score for the first time it will say [error opening score] but on a second attempt it works perfectly. Bug fixes for duplicated scores, re-ordering issues and removing scores from the device while Avid Scorch is not running. Silence since the upgrade that fixed all the major sielius they introduced in the upgrade which broke scorch!

The next update will only be available for bit iPads. This provides improved performance with the latest iOS devices. Support for Sibelius 8.

This is an obvious and essential feature for performing musicians and something that lots have requested for years and seriously restricts Scorch from being the useful app it could be.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience — we will be working to ensure that any future updates are able to be applied without requiring a fresh install. Scorch automatically repaginates the score as necessary. This can be solved by simply uninstalling and reinstalling Avid Scorch. Browse convret purchase sheet music within the application, and enjoy the simplicity and security of using your existing iTunes account.


Compatibility Requires iOS 6. Support for custom staff sizes in Sibelius 8.

Download Sibelius Scorch

Useful extra options as well as playback such as transposition etc. No quick jump to feature so you have to rely on search.

Information Seller Avid Technology Inc. Check out the version history and Sibelius forum. Works well for the scores it comes loaded with.

Scorch is incompatible with all modern bit web browsers

Symphony Pro – Music Notation. Learn, Rehearse, and Sihelius Scorch makes it easy to learn and practise by adapting scores to your needs. Print Print a score directly from Scorch.

When you display the tempo slider, click the tempo display value to toggle between tempo percentage and beats per minute.