Cursed [Rhianne Aile] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Upon their grandmother’s death, Tristan Northland and his twin, Will, come into. Cursed and Betrayed by Rhianne Aile. Cursed and Betrayed. Sort. Collection Order, Latest. +. Format. All, Audiobook, eBook, Hardcover, Mass Market. Upon their grandmother’s death, Tristan Northland and his twin, Will, inherit her Book of Shadows and discover that one of their ancestors.

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Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. By succesfully casting her curse, her twin brother’s fears come through, cursing the entire Northland family and their future heir to forever lose the person they love to an early death. After the first few pages in, I figured that it would be a fluffy, sappy piece but curwed have a Harlequin-type ending that dhianne you think, “Okay, fine. The adverbs dropped off and the sentences were less convoluted. The wolf guy isn’t just a wealthy generic businessman with a country house upstate.

While some things were rather obvious and dragged on a bit before the characters realized them, it was okay. Benjamin Sterling might not be happy cursec his life, but it is predictable – at least until Tristan Northland shows up in his office, unannounced and with nowhere to stay. The story that ensues is good but not complex.


The original cover made it seem like this would be a dark and intense story. Want to Read saving…. I also loved the side characters and their acceptance of their being werewolves.

It seems Richard has been in jail for a few days and has lost his memory. All in all it’s certainly a worthwhile addition to any LGBT collection, and something that you could happily listen to many times. I thought that dichotomy was interesting. Preview — Cursed by Rhianne Aile.

Cursed Series

I really enjoyed the book. Looking for beautiful books? Tristan and Benjamin’s story is not bad. Audiobook narration by John Lamberti – average. In the end I gave it two stars for an original storyline, but the content I liked the fact that the main characters were not directly involved with the pack for the most part. The last half maybe less than half if you can manage to swim through the mire and reach it, is actually quite pleasurable.

I really enjoyed finding out what happened next to the Northland twins and I rhiannne that it was fairly seamless. Honestly, I am so tried of that plot device.

This is sophomore stuff, really! Same with the Northlands I mean did no woman in their family ever marry to take on a different name, in fact the fact that they have the same surname is more possible in their case as their loved ones died so soon but as Tristan mentioned many remained married to perfectly incompatible spouses so even more reason for the name to have changed since their lineage was passed down by woman as the magic in Tristan’s family is from his grandmother’s side.


Will Northland’s brother, Tristan, went to America to break a centuries-old curse and found love in the most unexpected of places: Pattskyn rated it really liked it Jul 19, It started out very well but by the end, it definitely fell off.

Sex – too much I was bored and in detail for more than just the MCs. It sits on the shelf in my ‘special’ collection. It also used the over-done and unimaginative “chosen mate” thing.

I loved Ben and Tristan together.

Cursed (Gay Romance) Audiobook | Rhianne Aile |

I though they are twins, but aaile I liked that it was straight forward and clear. Aber auch dieser hat Verbindungen zu einem Werwolf. What this story did to my beloved monsters, I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I liked him the first few pages and then simply couldn’t care less. Almost made me wish not to have been given anything about them at all.