Curse of the Azure Bonds. Secret of the Silver Blades. Pool of Radiance. Dark Queen of Krynn. Death Knights of Krynn. Chrunpions of Krynn. Pools of Darkness . Dark Queen of Krynn Copy Protection Question and Answer Table. When)OU stan an ad\cnturc. lhe program \\Ill ask)OU a qucsuon. The ans\\crs arc prO\ 1dcd . Dark Queen of Krynn, The Manual (pdf):: The Dark Queen of Krynn is the third in a three-part series of Dragonlance Advanced Dungeons.

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Encumbrance is the total weight the character is carrying. They never rush into close combat, even if all of their missile attacks are expended. Insert a link to a new page. If a character moves adjacent to an enemy, and has no more bar movement remaining, the AIM command can be kfynn to attack with a melee weapon manusl, mace, etc.

As they travel through the featureless plains, the heroes encounter a black-robed mage being tortured — Raistlin Majere, who was captured by the Dark Queen following his attempt to defeat her and thereby become a god.

If the party has Search on, each move takes ten minutes. Gems and jewelry cannot be used directly for purchase, they must be appraised and sold first.

Dark Queen Of Krynn, The : Hall Of Light – The database of Amiga games

Combat view occurs automatically whenever the party engages in battle. POOL places all of the party members coins, gems, and jewelry into storage. The Journal also includes the maps, information, rumors, and that you need to play the game. Spells are defined by who can cast them, when they can be cast, their range, duration, area of effect, and, of course, their actual effect. Not all commands in the Items Menu are always available.

Turn to the page indicated in either this Rule Book or the Adventurer s Journal, find the indicated word, type it in, and press Return or Enter. We get a clear sense of exactly what Raistlin would do if he could get his hands on her! If a character has irynn enough experience to advance more than one level, he will advance only one level and then lose all experience points in excess of one point below that required for advancement to the next level.


For example, at 1st to 5th levels, a paladin may perform one, at 6th to 10th krnn two, etc. Remember that spellcasters can have the same spell memorized multiple times, and they can automatically rememorize used spells simply by selecting dxrk REST command.

FIX is used to heal many wounded characters with a single command. Starting Options This first menu gives you the initial options.

When you start the game, you will be asked to answer a verification question from this Rule Book or og Adventurer s Journal before you can play.

Dark Queen of Krynn manual

Dropped items may not be recovered. A party is a group of characters composed of up to six players called PCs and up to two non-player characters NPCs. Under the point of view window are displayed the phases of the three moons of Krynn.

Some spells only have an effect when cast during combat and others may only be cast while encamped. EXIT leaves the scene of the battle. STONE status means that the character has been turned to stone. The skin tones are superb, as is the pebbling on the stone wall. Frequently, the weapons and armor used by monsters are not listed because they are poor quality and not qeuen taking.

PC (DOS/Windows)

The Data Card explains how to start the game and how to select items and menu commands with your specific computer. Magic To get the Magic Menu options, the active character must be able to cast spells. When purchasing items, they are highlighted on a vertical list then purchased with the BUY command.

The evil goddess Takhisis confronts her helpless prey, the captured archmage Raistlin Majere. SHARE picks up the money treasure, divides it into shares, and distributes it among the party. YELL kender only orders an active kender character to taunt opponents. Next, you must choose a name for the character.


All characters with at least first level clerical spells memorize as many healing spells as they can, cast them on the party, and then rememorize their previous spells automatically. Reject the offer and the gem or piece of jewelry becomes an item on the character s item list.

Scribing a spell takes the same amount of time as memorizing the same spell. A dropped character is gone forever and may not be recovered. AIM allows weapons or spells to be targeted.

Wilderness view displays a map in a large view window with a cursor indicating the party s current location. ICON is used to change a character s combat icon. Choose the character to train and, if he has sufficient EXP, he will be able to advance one level. This view appears in the top-left view window to show the surrounding area from the party s perspective.

The Combat Menu lists the character s options. LOOK is used to search an individual square.

Pages Images and files. DELAY causes the character to hold his turn until after the other characters and monsters have acted. With Search IN, the party takes 10 minutes per move because they are checking for secret doors, traps, etc. Most of krynnn Treasure ,rynn is displayed. Raistlin’s teeth are gritted with pain or rage, his eyes ringed by deep shadows as he gazes up at his captor. POOL places all of the party members coins into the treasure.

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