: David Goodis: Five Noir Novels of the s & 50s (LOA #): Dark Passage / Nightfall / The Burglar / The Moon in the Gutter / Street of No. Nightfall could easily have been adapted for Hitchcock. The novel by David Goodis follows Jim Vanning as he hides out in New York City. In Nightfall (), David Goodis explores the theme of the innocent pursued, as artist Jim Vanning becomes accidentally embroiled in a violent robbery and.

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As a study in cover design for reader appeal, check out the two covers below: But daavid doesn’t get far; in the hallway a stranger sticks a gun in his ribs every citizen has the right to bear arms and forces Vanning to take a side exit.

David Goodis: Nightfall (LOA eBook Classic) | Library of America

And then the gangsters track him down and grab him. Archived Entry Post Date: What’s with the back-and-forth with the cab driver? For the first time, the best work of a distinctive master of American noir is available in glodis e-book editions from The Library of America. After a short and inconclusive spell at at the University of Indiana, he returned to Philadelphia to take a degree in journalism, graduating in Nightfall gives us at one point another ‘conversation’ between the binoculared police investigator and his surveilled and distant subject.

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Unbeknownst to Vanning, he is being watched by a policeman Fraser who is not convinced Vanning is the hardened criminal he is supposed to be.


Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Even if davkd are in danger. Not what you’d expect between a killer and a cop. Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses.


Please provide an email address. He certainly provides Vanning with a lo-o-ong leash.

At the other end, we have Vanning. In more or less a fugue state, Jim took off through the countryside, realizing at one stage that he was carrying a satchel stuffed with dough and at another that he’d lost it.


He could remember the flight though the woods, and the satchel with the money, and now the gang of killers, closing in. Glodis work; sort of a prototype for the film “North by Northwest;” Goodis has an excellent way with words, and construction, and he also an excellent sense of humor. Be the first to discover new talent! Fraser thinks he has Vanning figured out, but he needs answers as well. Being a big fan of James M.

Tuesday, May 19th, at davis This is a wonderful edition by Millipede Press published in Fraser doesn’t want to arrest Vanning until he knows he can recover the money, but his doubts about Vanning’s guilt haunt him because the evidence is probably sufficient to send Vanning to the electric chair.

I especially liked the way in which, when the book begins, you have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Goodis pulls off the dual narratives with great aplomb.

So maybe things get better? Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. He thinks, he investigates while giving us free access to how he’s considering what should happen next.

In more than one scene Vanning goes so deeply into the past that he has conversations and experiences things that never happen. Noir is dark by definition, but Goodis filled his novels with the contrast of color. No sooner does he come to a halt than a serious-looking fellow walks up and dacid a gun between his eyes.

He’s been more or less in hiding ever since. Ace Atkins and Carrefour, Ltd.


These guys also usually have a craving for bad, bad, bad, mostly overly voluptuous and almost always sexually dominant femme fatales. I recommend this noir book. Dec 07, Glenn Goodls rated it it was amazing.

This all resolves, in fact, but the delicious sensation of the ambiguity lingers. It concerns two characters. It goes like this: Please try again later. It’s just that, well, the story isn’t as dark, nigntfall protagonist not as tortured, the ending not as achingly sad. This is not a terrible book by any means but I found it on the whole quite weak. He’s trained in psychology and is thus a sort of early version of a prof A fast-paced noir detective story, this one boils along nicely with a confused and haunted narrator who’s trying to escape a murder that he is unable to prove was self-defense.

But now those three hoods are following Vanning as well So lucky to find this in the bargain bin at Troutmark, you hardly ever see a Goodis anywhere and he’s one of the best. Crime Films and Reviews Do More: Dark Passage has a dialogue between the protagonist and his friend who he’s just found murdered, seeking answers and guidance from dead lips.

A lack of realism that makes the book quite ordinary and not to David Goodis’ normal high standards.

Apr 30, John rated it really liked it. Home About Archives Links Contact. Martha Gardner is a glass buyer for Macy’s and eager nigbtfall help the police. A small-minded robber with big plans is motivated by the desire to escape the crushing force of ordinary life. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.