Dual CS Turntable 33 1/3 and 45 rpm. – now buy online with ease from , your online shop for technology, electronics and innovative ideas. The Dual CS turntable is an automatic turntable of excellent quality and very easy to use. Tested and set up before shipping. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Dual CS Fully Automatic Turntable (DC Motor, Weight Balanced Tonelight, DMSS Magnetic Pickup).

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What little I’ve seen c other forums is from people who bought it used, with missing power supplies, worn belts, and other issues. It’s not that I want to discount your input or that of others, but the Dual CS seems to have availability, the right price, and at least one positive review going for it.

That’s not a good Dual anyway – and apart from a lack of adjustment capabilities it’s also got the disadvantage that its platter rotates around a fixed spindle. Not the highest-fi granted, but it went about it’s job cd a workmanlike manner and was good enough in most cases and certainly for uncritical listening.

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Needed a turntable to restart analog playback after 15 years and loosing my original vintage turntable in a divorce. Yes, my password is: Whereas I can’t really comment on using that Thorens for 78 rpm use, ’cause I’ve got no personal experience with 78 rpm records.


Well, and as for that TD review: Discussion in ‘ Turntables ‘ started by guitarman50Dec 8, From what I can see it seems like this dual turntable is exactly what I need for its purpose. The Thorens TD is very similar – they both probably come out of the same factory – but the Thorens looks a little less plasticy. That’s why Css results can be extremely low in comparison.

Herr Fehrenbacher was the last factory director at the old Dual factory. Gary FrancksDec 11, In stock Shipped dyal 3 to 5 working days Available within 1 or 2 weeks.

No, I haven’t got one of those myself, either – but my parents have one Sony version of these and a friend of mine has got another Sony version And your guess would be wrong! Sorry, but that review is just about as worthless as that one: You know, problem is that even those plastic toy class tables I mentioned above aren’t that bad and before you ask: I then played cw more LPs. The platter is a pie tin. And of course he also won’t mention the model designation of his “old, capable” Kenwood table, so that his comparison reference remains unknown Disconnect By disconnecting please be aware that your shopping basket will be hidden You will get your shopping basket selection back again by connecting to your account.

Dual CS Turntable –

Just wants to play her LP’s. And then the high prices 4152 which are completely silly, if one considers that the drive these models are based on was initially designed as a cheap commodity feature for integration in cheap tower systems of the late 80s.


I do own a and a CSM, though. The German production quality is excellent and very reliable. The latter is still based on the small drive, but it’s got a heavier platter and a better arm – and the “M” indicates the version with the heavier, nicer looking sc. I just had the Marantz TT in my hands which is the same table rebranded.

Log in or Sign up. So I think the DPF is pretty much the best thing one could currently dhal to g50, if he insists on buying new. KentTeffetellerDec 8, Seems like you gathered a not quite correct impression, ’cause I actually do know the and in 41-52 life, too – I just never bought one of these myself, ’cause why would I waste good money on turntable models that I deem overpriced and rather low quality?

Dual CS 415-2 Turntable

No, create an account now. The counter weight is fixed so no changing carts. It that’s the case, then I wouldn’t ca the Thorens to be really ideal. Both even come with the same cartridge. So, no worries, I’m not pulling vague suspicions out of thin air, I’m speaking of experience and can present measurement data from more trustworthy reviews to back up my opinion on these models