Problemas del realismo – Georg Lukács El asalto a la razón. La trayectoria del irracionalismo desde Schelling hasta Hitler – Georg Lukács. by Lu ka qi; Georg Lukacs.; Wang jiu xing.;. Print book. Chinese El asalto a la razón: la trayectoria del irracionalismo by György Lukács · El asalto a la razón . (). Introduccion General a la Historia de Derecho. Barcelona, Gedisa. LESSIG , , , , , LUKACS, Georg. (). El asalto a la razon.

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For him epistemology was only a tool whose character and disposition were dictated by the purposes it served.

Let us anticipate for a moment what we are going to amplify on this subject. Sign in to use this feature. True, his task was facilitated both by the expressive mode of myth and by its aphoristic form, whose characteristics we are about to discuss. The very men whom etiquette, dazon feelings, custom and gratitude keep strictly within the pale, as do mutual surveillance and jealousy to an even greater extent, who, on the other hand, prove so resourceful in consideration, self-control, tact, loyalty, pride and friendship — once estranged from these confines, they will behave little better than predatory beasts at large.

Thus he wrote in The Genealogy of Morals Bounded by a narrowly bourgeois horizon, it assalto remained in perpetual oscillation between pessimism and apologetics with regard to such ka.

On the contrary, his ethics were expressly and consciously an exclusive code of the ruling class: And so the reactionary utopia which Aszlto envisioned after he also found naive and long outdated. We are not now speaking of ideological evolution in Russia.


Lara Ostaric – – Philosophisches Jahrbuch 1: In the first place, it was then that the rise of the great nation-states in Central Europe reached completion, and many of the most important demands of x bourgeois revolutions their fulfilment; at all events such revolutions had had their day in Western and Central Europe. In Ecce homo Nietzsche expressed himself thus on the subject: But such talk was growing increasingly apologetic and dissembling, becoming more and more obliged to hush up, gloss over and misrepresent the actual facts of social life and their immanent contradictions.

Die Zerstörung der Vernunft der Weg des Irrationalismus von Schelling Zu Hitler

NietzscheBerlinpp. In both cases, Darwinism was only a mythologized pretext for the ideological war against the proletariat.

Mayer, BerlinVol. He therefore waxes enthusiastic if the revolutionary character of his discontent receives a philosophical sanction, but is at the same time deflected — with regard to its social substance — into a rebuttal of democracy and socialism.

As you see, by wit I mean caution, patience, cunning, dissimulation, great self-control and everything under the heading of mimicry [87] which covers a large part of so-called virtue. His whole epistemology was for him just one weapon in the main battle against socialism.

In his papers of autumnfor example, we find the following: Thus he stated in the aforesaid passage: But these he proceeded to overcome as he laa, even if — with regard to the crucially important method of indirect apologetics — he still remained a pupil of Schopenhauer and preserved as his basic concept the irrational one of the Dionysian principle against reason, for instinct ; but not without significant modifications, as we shall see.

All decadent attributes were to be converted into tools for a militant advocacy of capitalism, and the decadents them selves into activists supporting the — both outwardly and inwardly — aggressive and barbaric imperialist cause. In the last resort the decisive value is the value for living. So the systematic framework has not disappeared.


The Destruction of Reason by Georg Lukacs

To answer with all severity: For the State to exercise jurisdiction is cowardice, because it lacks the great man who can serve as a criterion. The chief manifestations of decadence he perceived quite correctly: Not that Nietzsche by now had acquired clear ideas gforg politics and more particularly on their underlying economics; we shall soon see his naive ignorance when it came to the latter.

These latter names apart, the period between and was rife with significant transitional figures who, while their work does reflect features of the decline, were in no wise party to it with regard to the central substance of their output e.

The need is for a new reign of terror. Marx criticizes Social Darwinism with annihilating acuteness in the letter to Kugelmann, So here again we may clearly observe the contrast with the Enlightenment, with which individual commentators have tried to associate Nietzsche because of his atheism. To be sure, he was undertaking not a practical deduction of individual morals from concrete social conditions, but an intuitive, irrational association of highly personal psychological and moral problems with a society and a history transferred to mythical realms.