In , the Endorois won the landmark case Centre for Minority Rights Development and Minority Rights Group International (on behalf of. On 23rd and 24th April , Kenya National Commission on Human Rights ( KNCHR) joined other national human rights institutions in Africa. by Rhodri C. Williams Every now and then, a judicial decision comes along that seems to snap a fuzzy area of law into crisp focus. One such.

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In an effort to push the government of Kenya to comply with cse decision and implement its recommendations, the Edorois Commission held an implementation hearing in Aprilat which the Government was called on to redress its earlier failures to present the Commission with a roadmap to implementation.

Peoples 79, people in Kenya are hunter-gatherers. The Endorois had inhabited Lake Bogoria for over years before being evicted by the government in the s. During her time at MRG she will be working extensively with the Endorois to achieve implementation of the African Commission decision granting them rights to Lake Bogoria.

Yet, steps taken by the government indicate the exact opposite and new legislation on Lake Bogoria threatens to further separate the Endorois from their land. Fill in your cade below or click an icon to log in: Skip to main content.

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Kenya: Landmark Ruling on Indigenous Land Rights | Human Rights Watch

Email will not be published required. In doing so, the Commission seemed to look at the traditional use of land and not to indigenous status.

Join our movement today. William Tengecha July 28, at endoorois From here, the Commission asserts that mere settled possession of ancestral lands by indigenous groups rather than any showing of formal title is sufficient to trigger the state obligation to provide legal recognition. Are endoroia passionate about protecting the rights of minority and indigenous people worldwide?

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Kenya: ruling in the Endorois case

The taskforce begins a national tour this month, and the EWC plans to meet with them. The Minority Voices Newsroom is an online multimedia library that allows members of minority and indigenous communities to upload, download and share their stories. Hi Rhodri, The few days I have joined this network have been exciting. The African Commission had ruled in against the Kenyan government for allowing a ruby mining company to start illegal mining on another part of the Endorois’ land, severely affecting their remaining access to water.


And, for good measure, the Commission finds casf violations related to the separate requirement of legality, both in relation to the failure to consult the affected community and the paltriness of ccase compensation proffered. Following complaints by the Endoroisthe African Commission expressed its concern in a resolution calling on the government of Kenya and the World Heritage Committee to revise its policies to include participation by indigenous peoples through their own representatives.

Kenya braces itself for elections TerraNullius.

I would like to invite you and your colleagues to guest post on a very practical issue, namely what the main practical obstacles to implementation of the decision are and how they might be overcome. Dndorois Under Threat Map The Peoples under Threat ranking highlights countries most at risk of genocide and mass killing.

Learn more I understand. The decision was a huge victory for indigenous people, but five years on, there has been no implementation of the decision. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Four long decades since being illegally evicted endorlis his ancestral homeland, Arap Yegon is still awaiting justice.

July 27, Ehdorois. This justified judgement of African Commission on human and peoples rights on Endorois vs Endoroos is highly welcome by both my people Endorois and all the Indigenous people and all human right defenders across the world.

The Peoples under Threat ranking highlights countries most at risk of genocide and mass killing. Not a single delegate from the Kenyan government could be troubled to respond to the invitation or appear at the meeting, held only blocks from their offices in Nairobi. Every now and then, a judicial decision comes along that seems to snap a fuzzy area of law into crisp focus.

Though faced with considerable hurdles, the Endorois continue to push for implementation.

I think that MRG International will continue to be an excellent partner in pushing for implementation and would be happy to help out in any meaningful way that I can. The African Commission found that the Kenyan government has continued to rely on a colonial law that prevented certain communities from holding land outright, and allowed others, such as local authorities, effectively to own their traditional land on “trust” for these Communities.

Open and notorious since February Yet years later, Yegon is waiting once again. The resulting prescription is sweeping:. Throughout andthe government of Kenya failed to take any significant action on the recommendations. The Kenyan government dase the Endorois people, a traditional pastoralist community, from their homes at Lake Bogoria in central Kenya in the s, to make way for a national reserve and tourist facilities.

The African Commission “Endorois Case” – Toward a Global Doctrine of Customary Tenure?

It then rejects Kenyan government objections on the basis of positive discrimination, noting that special measures in this case, recognition of collectively held indigenous land rights are not discriminatory where they serve to redress imbalances: IWGIA’s global report, the Indigenous World, provides an update of the current situation for indigenous peoples worldwide.


Kindly shed some light on how I can join that highly esteemed school. Novozymes has agreed to pay royalties to KWS in exchange for exploitation of the bioenzymes found in Lake Bogoria; it is good news that KWS has offered some share of the royalties to the Endorois, but an official and consistent royalty scheme remains to be devised and implemented.

However, it could be of interest in the European system, particularly if the logic behind the decision survives the leap from indigenous communities few of which are recognized in Europe, the main exception being the Nordic Sami people to national minority communities; the latter are both common and recognized in Europe and share many of the key criteria discussed in the Endorois case as markers both of indigenous identity and vulnerability, such as attachment to specific traditional lands, self-identification, and historical persecution.

Sweeter the second time around?

Having set up this impressive legal architecture, the Commission goes on to make fairly short work of the actual proportionality analysis. After Kenyan courts refused to address their case, they brought their case to the African Commission in Many thanks for your comment — and please allow me to extend an invitation to you to elaborate on this point — or anything else HLP-related — as a guest-blogger anytime on TN!

We did a recieving traditional ceremony to welcome this ruling in the community on 20th March attended by all communities,NGOs,Govt ministers,media,Diplomats corp,among others successfully wth live TV coverage.

Please be in touch rcw yahoo. I salute the leadership of Endorois welfare council EWCtheir partners who supported this cause and the entire Endorois community. Williams Every now and then, a judicial decision comes along that seems to snap a fuzzy area of law into crisp focus.

I am currently working on a similar case involving the Ogiek community who were evicted out of the Mau Forest which happens to be their ancestral home. Donate now hide message. In doing so, they clearly anchor the collective enjoyment of indigenous rights in the protection of ancestral lands:.