Popular Series By Tammy Blackwell. Shifters & Seers. 3 books in this series. Fragile Brilliance. #1. Infinite Harmony. #2. Whispered Visions. #3. Timber Wolves. My first taste of Tammy Blackwell’s writing was the Timber Wolves trilogy, which I loved. So reading Fragile Brilliance was a no brainer. Maggie. Booktopia has Fragile Brilliance, Shifters & Seers by Tammy Blackwell. Buy a discounted Paperback of Fragile Brilliance online from Australia’s.

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In plaats daarvan was ik een beetje aan het mokken dat Scout en Liam zo weinig aandacht kregen. Not really book 1 in the series.

Voor de bpackwell lezer weet ik zeker dat Maggie en Charlie prima bevallen. And yay there is, and it seems the story isn’t over, awesome! Well maybe I’m just weird. The murder and intrigue aspect of the story was what really got me interested. Notify me of new posts by email. And I’m so glad she did brillianxe a happy Charlie nearly killed me.

Fragile Brilliance (Shifters & Seers, book 1) by Tammy Blackwell

KunzSarah M. As in that series, the biggest strength to me here is in the precisely brillianve setting and well crafted dialog. Why was someone out to kill Maggie and the Alphas?

If you are in a house with a decent selection of decent games, count yourself lucky. Charlie has a tragic past, to the point he doesn’t feel anything anymore. It’s neat to see what’s happening to atmmy as their dealing with the fallout from the first serie I really liked this book.


Blogs just aren’t my thing. I loved the first series but didn’t really enjoy this book anywhere near as much. While not mandatory, reading the previous series will help tremendously in understanding all the references and characters in this book.

Those are the words that are supposed to best describe the person who won them during the game. Only 2 left in stock – order soon. Despite reservations, they decide that Maggie is an intended target and as such, requires the protection of the Alpha Pack.

We see them as they’re adjusting to their new roles in the world. The fact that Tammy has enough game to bring air buffalo references into this book means that she is a one in a million blavkwell. Normally when that kind of information is withheld whether purposefully or accidentallyit means that the novel can brillaince alone.

I was definitely invested in the romance between these two! I can honestly say that while I’m only a few chapters in to this baby I know that Tammy’s going to deliver, she always does, The fact that Tammy has enough game to bring air buffalo references into this book means that she is a one in a million author.

I just couldn’t be convince that this was someone who was a respected leader who earned loyalty Infinite Harmony Teaser Tuesday 1. And honestly, it’s probably not going to become a booming hotspot of information and interaction in the near future.


Every single person in the Alpha Pack made me want to jump into the story and hug them. And that is it for my tips on how to survive family game time. Tammy Blackwell does it again!

Fragile Brilliance

Fragile Brilliance is much more of a romance story than the Timber Wolves series was, so just be warned that it has a different feel than those previous books. I, of course, appreciated the references to great movies and all the sarcasm. This brilliancw is going on the road.

I enjoyed the development of their relationship and I appreciated that for the most part they didn’t jump to conclusions at every miscommunication.

I can’t wait to read the next story and find out what’s coming next. Apr 11, Bonnie rated it it was amazing Shelves: They’re bond is just so sweet and definitely so unbreakable.

They made sense just like Maggie, but perhaps the Hagans just can’t do any wrong. Welcome to the third stop on the Valentine’s Blog Hop, where YA superstars are sharing exclusive content and readers get a chance to win some wicked cool prizes.

RossRaine Thomas. Lets just clarify that Tammy Blackwell can do no wrong!