Gocycle GS – Owner’s Manual (EN) – English. Tom. 4 months ago; Updated. Follow. Download the latest Gocycle GS Owner’s Manual. Gocycle GS Owners. Technical Bulletins, Owner’s Manuals and Documentation. GreenMiles is your Official Gocycle Partner for the Benelux. To meet the growing demand for mobility in and between urban areas, GreenMiles is convinced that.

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Energy Consumption Meter As with a car, top speed and range related to fuel consumption are difficult to define as both factors are greatly affected by a large number of variables. Place the Gocycle in a cycle stand, so the rear wheel and pedal cranks are free to turn. Warranty Warranty Registration For your continued satisfaction and safety whilst riding your Gocycle, we strongly encourage you to register your Gocycle with us.

Top position Use the top position for aft adjustment. Gocycle G3 is a bicycle of a new generation, a clear example of how perfectly ergonomics, cutting-edge design and all the most revolutionary in the world of the latest technologies can be combined.

LEDs on the dash. The motor will continue to operate while the red button is pressed and the pedals are rotating. With both brakes held, apply pressure to the left hand non- drive side pedal crank.


Carefully push the brake pads from the top of the calliper, as shown. How long does a fully charged battery last? Look carefully at all the components under good lighting. Daytime Running Light drl 6. Lightly move the cam lever back and forth to gauge the extent of the free play. From time to time, gocycls need to make you aware of important announcements regarding the correct maintenance and servicing of gochcle Gocycle. How do I find out how much charge is left in the battery?

As soon as the battery is fully charged – disconnect it from the mains. The Gocycle will reset to first gear and the gear shift LEDs will return to the dashboard. Don’t have an account?

Gocycle User Manual & FAQ

How does cold weather affect battery performance? Pinch both brake pads and remove from the calliper. Gocycle Registration Gocycle since new. The handlebar stem adjuster has two positions: Tyres When changing a tyre, always use plastic tyre levers.

In the event of an accident and if safe to do so put your battery into sleep mode. To install the rear reflector: By choosing to ride a Gocycle, you assume the responsibility for these risks, and it is important that you know how to ride responsibly and to exercise proper maintenance to minimise such risks and potential damage.


Nevertheless, you must inspect the Gocycle every miles to see if any of the components have cracks and need replacing. As with all hydraulic brakes, for the best possible performance, we recommend that the hydraulic brakes on your Gocycle are bled every 12 months.

Page of Go. Disclaimer The specifications, information and performance of the Gocycle and other products manufactured by or sold under license granted by Karbon Kinetics Limited and featured in this document may change without notice.

Grip the manuql and rock forwards and backwards to check for any Note the correct direction of the tread of the Gocycle tyre in relation to the wheels see figure below. It is recommended to charge the Gocycle immediately after the trip. Lower position aligned Ensure the bolt hole and stem upper position or lower position hole are fully aligned. From mwnual to time, it might be necessary to adjust your shifting; for example, if you hear a noise from your rear hub or your Gocycle is not holding in gear.

Page 51 Refer to the table in 6.