William Bramley, author of one of the most popular books on ancient astronaut theory, Gods of Eden, has given an exclusive interview for the readers of. Gods of Eden by William Bramley, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. There is also an unauthorized Spanish-language edition of The Gods of Eden that has been made available as a PDF on the internet. I do not know who.

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Amongst other things Bramley exhorts spiritual practitioners to not “merge with” or go to “the being of light either during meditation exen death” which are profoundly ignorant and damaging instructions, and belie a lack of meditative depth on the author’s part. Yet, inexplicably, in the light of astonshing intellectual and technological advancement, Man’s progress has been halted in one crucial area: The Rape of a Goddess: Oct 12, Mel rated it really liked it Shelves: At Ancient Origins we believe that one of Did the concept of the ” God” of the Bible actually arise from early humans experience of “the gods” — those who came down in their “sky chariots”?

Gods of Eden by William Bramley

This book was interesting and while I really can’t buy into some of his theories they were well thought out and seemed to be well researched. He covers the crusades and Knights Templar ofFreemasonry of to the present, Adam Weishaupt’s Bavarian Illuminati ofthe problems associated with fiat currency such as hyperinflation, America’s central bank ofCIA and US Army open-air germ warfare experiments directed against American citizens fromthe Russian use of low frequency radar waves targeting the United States to change human behaviour by targeting neurological and physiological functioning of the s, and international bankers repeatedly funding both sides of a war.

A farmer in Burkina Faso looked to his ancestors and came up with an innovative solution. And this despite the rights guaranteed to U.

A very interesting Interview with William Bramley

Examination of the way the modern world works suggests that for at least a century, probably longer, there has been a Conspiracy among those whose business is MONEY to control the world. Absolutely the most informative and most well researched book on the subject of the history of intelligent beings having visited Earth tens of thousands of years ago. And Moses brought the people out of the camp to meet with God; and they stood at the lower part of the mountain.


Inin an area called On the 1 st January of every year, many countries around the world celebrate the beginning of a new year. These things are not always weapons. Book ratings by Goodreads. This is the most comprehensive book I’ve read about the possibility of there being a controlling group of either other-world or on-worlders that are not part of we humans. As I first began to read this book, I kept wondering if what Bramley was saying was just polemically written to piss off people of faith.

Do you think its popularity is a sign that more and more people are coming to accept the idea that extra-terrestrial beings have had, or continue to have, an influence on our history? As he moves through history up to present day at the time of publishingBramley explore the impact of the key players and institutions. Oct 05, Saturninerogue rated it really liked it. Looking for beautiful books?

Probably not because it seems the truth is well hidden and corrupt. And that is simply absurd.

When an animal get sick, the farmer may call in a veterinarian. The book maintains the theme that Adam and Eve were prisoners in the Garden of Eden and that their unjust creators wanted to keep them ignorant of their true potential hence the rules: However, the book requires the reader to forget everything they think they know and be open minded.

But if you want to subdue a large population without having to constantly battle uprisings, then you need to use the kind of hidden methods described by Machiavelli and Sun Tzu. The book fails eddn go into willia collapse of the Vedic Empire and thus has one crucial flaw in its proposition regarding the transition of power. I said to one audience at the time that if the theory is true, and bramly nothing has changed, then we will see radical Islam replace the communist bloc as the next big faction to breed non-stop war and strife.

In this remarkable, shocking and absolutely compelling work, Bramley presents disturbing evidence of an alien presence on Earth — extraterrestrial visitors who have conspired to dominate Humankind through violence and chaos since the beginning of time Digging a bit, I learned that the author William Bramley is a pseudonym is a former Scientologist, and the influence of that “religion” is evident throughout the book.

But he doesn’t stop with ancient sources, as many writers in this genre do, but continues his researches through the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, Luther and the Reformation, the American Revolution and into modern times with Nazis and two World Wars. So, Gods of Eden is not the book if one wants to look up on our history as the works of an alien race.


This is perhaps the best book if you are wondering if everything you’ve been taught about our history may not be the whole story. It starts in in ancient times and gradually moves forward, giving us information and analysis that we never would have expected.

Hatonnas he makes clear at the end, has pronounced Christian leanings is in fact “in the service of Christ “. The UFO appears more and more to be one of the grimmest realities ever confronted by the human race.

Religious radicalism is being kept alive, and in the event that the food supply is massively cut and a pandemic starts, we can expect to see religious radicals of all persuasions induce people to commit slaughters of the non-believers who will be blamed for the catastrophe just like the Christians did to the Jews during the Black Death.

In Bramley’s view, whoever these visitors are, who have been with us throughout human history, they are NOT our friends. But when the time comes to willizm their livestock to the slaughterhouse, the farmers will do so.

Beginning in Sumeria modern-day Middle EastBramley examines the truth of the ancient alien theory and concludes that it is real. Is there any reports of these hybrids not having a Soul???

New enemies were needed to justify U. Yet both Bramley and Hatonn seem to have similar views concerning paper money and fractional reserve banking Bramley devotes a bramle in The Gods of Eden to “Funny Money” and the activities of the I.

Now this is where we really go into the paranoid conspiracy stuff. It is an interesting book in the end and you are left with a different perspective on human history and current events. However, he did not prevail and over time, the Brotherhood branched into many organizations that became corrupted so they williak serve the Custodians’ purpose. But it is not reasonable to suppose that ETs constitute a threat to Earth, unless it be in self-defense now that humans have shown themselves willing to use atomic weapons.

Jan 01, Brook rated it really liked it. Mar 15, Pedro Laia rated it it was amazing Shelves: