William Bramley, author of one of the most popular books on ancient astronaut theory, Gods of Eden, has given an exclusive interview for the readers of. Gods of Eden by William Bramley, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. There is also an unauthorized Spanish-language edition of The Gods of Eden that has been made available as a PDF on the internet. I do not know who.

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Their inflated fees are ultimately paid for by U. That does not bode well. Paying for War With “Funny Money” Some of the most interesting and novel, in terms of books about “ancient astronauts” ideas have to do with money, or “funny money” braamley he calls “inflatable paper money. Some of the most interesting and novel, in terms of books about “ancient astronauts” ideas have to do with money, or “funny money” as he calls “inflatable paper money.

Aug 25, Pat rated it it was amazing. For people on a tight budget, the second-hand market makes the book practically free. Bdamley gives bits from the Sumerians as well as ancient Mayans and Aztecs which demonstrate similar phenomenon took place and again, the instigators labeled themselves gofs.

Dec 23, Nanette rated it liked it Shelves: I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in history, sociology or more generally our origins, as long as they edrn an open mind. This book has prompted me to do deeper research. Yet, inexplicably, in the light of astonshing intellectual and technological advancement, Man’s progress has been halted in one crucial area: It is interesting to note that his purpose was to search the origins of human warfare and not to wllliam this kind of book.

This was an incredibly dense book that I’d need to read three times to absorb completely. Are they the Annunaki?

While claiming to be rational they have long acted mainly upon the basis of uninformed emotion of the basest kind, and their collective actions have been so far from rational as to indicate some kind of mass insanity, especially in the last hundred years. The Lost Gardens of Heligan: It is saying, “Yes, there may actually be some truth to the belief in non-human intervention, but it’s only today that we can truly start to understand it because of our own advances in knowledge.


If not we must fall back on conventional explanations of human history, which seem not to provide adequate explanation. A major discovery has iwlliam been made in Gobustan, Azerbaijan – a rock carving of a game board that is believed to be one of the oldest that has ever been found.

Bramley calls them “Custodians” and considers the idea Charles Fort first presented that humankind sden be “owned” by another intelligent race of people not of our Earth. New enemies will be required.

Are these institutions partly or wholly under ET influence? We are fortunate in having a transcription of a discourse delivered by Hatonnthrough a human channel, taped April 23, Easy to read and understand. The Black Death was actually a four-part event. Even if I have read other books related to conspiracy theories and UFOs, Gods of Eden was the only one that captivated me because of the way the information is presented, whic The Gods of Eden by William Bramley is a relatively old book written in It also gives no solution.

In many cases, farmers try to treat their animals well. Published March 1st by Avon first published January 1st Did the concept of the ” God” of the Bible actually arise from early humans experience of “the gods” — those who came down in their “sky chariots”?

Have alien “gods” been manipulating humans into warring with each throughout human history? You do however have to have somewhat of an open mind because it does tend to get a bit irrational.

The Gods of Eden Q&A – William Bramley, Author

In the reference book Forbidden Archeology, Cremo includes all the puzzling paleoanthropology findings that were suppressed because they didn’t fit existing theory.

Nov 15, Roger gpds it liked eeen. I first read The Gods of Eden some years back the book was first published in and it made an impression on me as being a bit different from the other alternate history works I had read.


But as he took a long exploration through human history consulting many different sources for informationhe found something surprising.

It also keeps people and nations in constant indebtedness. Looking for beautiful books? Might one be mistaken in thinking that the Christian religion was an ET plot put into effect, with such great consequences, because the Chosen People proved inadequate to the fulfillment of the plans of Yahweh Bramlryor perhaps Enlil himself, in the Sumerian pantheon for world domination?

An Exotic Bloodline or Random Mutation? He interprets writings in a much more literal fashion then most historians and fails to excuse their words as metaphor, nonsense or hysterical babble.

The Gods of Eden

Maybe early man took these powerful visitors as their masters, but understood they were not “god” in the sense of a Creator unless, in a way, they were, because they may have altered human DNA. If it is not, then yes, there will likely be a much more visible manifestation of UFOs in the future, but it wilpiam not be a happy event. I am familiar with and fascinated by each of those subjects and greatly enjoyed reading more about them.

Jordan Johnson wrote on 24 August, – However, he did not prevail and over time, the Brotherhood branched into many organizations efen became corrupted so they mainly serve the Custodians’ purpose.

I think iwlliam book taps into a belief that has been around for as long as human beings have been here. Two Sides to Every Story: Had Bramley written this book today, he would of course have included Facebook and Whatsapp as the works of the Brotherhood Network of the Custodial Society Alien Masters to keep humans ignorant of a higher level of existence, chained to god physical world. As playing cards, we can confidently map the Tarot to the early 15th century.