A RuneQuest 3 supplement about the Gods of Glorantha. It contained: A Theyalan Calendar The Prosopaedia. What The Priests Say The Cults Book. supplement Gods of Glorantha, published simultaneously. This book and its companion materials may not be repro- duced whole or in part by any means. Gods of Glorantha: 60 Religions for Runequest on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. CONTENTS: * PROSOPAEDIA: in this book hundreds of.

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In an attempt to leverage the power of a much bigger gaming company, a third edition, RuneQuest 3 florantha, was published with Avalon Hill in A rewritten second edition was published in Spring by Moon Design Publications, and is being supported with comprehensive Gloranthan sourcebooks: Stafford began imagining Glorantha in as a way to deepen his own understanding of mythology.

Goorantha are the gloramtha race, but other sentient beings abound. I supported becauseā€¦ “You make life better Each religion offered a distinct worldview and cultural outlook, none of which are objectively correct.

Familiar nonhuman races, such as elves and dwarves, are distinct from their common, Tolkienesque portrayals. The advent of popular use of the internet caused a boom in fan creations in Glorantha, supported by some unofficial business ventures, such as Reaching Moon Megacorp, and a lively convention scene.

Dragon Issue – Apr This page does not exist.

Gods of Glorantha

Various later editions of RuneQuestthe narrative role-playing game HeroQuest the first edition of which was published as Hero Warsand the video game King of Dragon Pass were also set in Glorantha, as were several prominent fan efforts. Heroes Volume 1, Number 4. The Glorantha website [2] introduces Glorantha as:. Glorantha is colorful and full of magic.


The glodantha game King of Dragon Pass was released by A Sharpallowing the player to play an Orlanthi hero who seeks to unite the clans and tribes of Dragon Pass in a kingdom; the game features exceptional depth gloranthx coverage of the area of Dragon Pass, and featured the first compelling public view of Stafford’s ideas about the hero quest.

On the back cover of this edition, the game world was called ” Glorontha ” sic. The southern continent of Pamaltela is somewhat like Africa, but with many differences.

Glorantha – Wikipedia

It was first introduced in the board game White Bear and Red Moon by Chaosiumand thereafter in a number of other board, roleplaying and computer games, including RuneQuest and HeroQuestas well as several works of fiction and the computer strategy game King of Dragon Pass.

Unlike Tolkienesque elvesthey are alien, physically plant-like and often hostile to normal humans “meat men'”. Scorpionmen are belligerent folk, who look like a sort of scorpion-human centaur. They must have oral surgery in order to speak human languages. Loren Miller proposed his Maximum Game Fun principle as a basis for gaming, which soon became a game system in its own right, David Dunham proposed his PenDragon Pass system, a nearly freeform game system, and several ambitious freeform games were played at conventions, such as Home of the Bold with up to eighty participants.

Inventors of iron, which has many extraordinary magical properties in Glorantha, contrasting to the primary metal used bronze. More abstractly, Campbell’s idea that myths are how we shape our lives deeply informs the picture of life in Glorantha throughout the game world’s publication history.


The ‘historical’ world of Glorantha is in a more or less fallen state, having recovered only partially from a universal battle against Chaos in the mythic Godtime. Also Stafford was at this time publishing material about the history and mythology of Glorantha in non-game form as books such as King of Sartar and The Glorious Re Ascent of Yelm.

A draft of the RuneQuest 4 rules, called RuneQuest: Legends are being made by great individuals, many who are not even human beings. There are a variety of cultures in Glorantha that have strikingly different perceptions of their world, the magic that pervades it and the major events that have shaped it. Glorantha is as deep as you want it to be, or not. Gods of Glorantha Average Glorsntha Like many other fictional elf races, they are excellent archers.

Glorantha is full of god. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. They reside around rivers, mainly in Sartar, and have an unexplained mystical affinity with Death.

This section of the magazine is printed sideways, with the staple in the middle. Learn More I supported becauseā€¦ “You make life better