Define Hemiramphus brasiliensis. Hemiramphus brasiliensis synonyms, Hemiramphus brasiliensis pronunciation, Hemiramphus brasiliensis translation, English. Genus, Hemiramphus Cuvier, Species, Hemiramphus brasiliensis ( Linnaeus, ) – agujeta brasileña, ballyhoo, escribano de aletas rojas. Biol Bull. Feb;(1) Reproductive biology of Hemiramphus brasiliensis and H. balao (hemiramphidae): maturation, spawning frequency, and .

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Not available FishBase mirror site: Such low batch fecundities are typical of the order Beloniformes, but quite different from those of other fishes that live in association with coral reef habitats. Sounds Ciguatera Speed Swim. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, U.

Maturation, Spawning Frequency, and Fecundity. The ballyhoo halfbeak or ballyhooHemiramphus brasiliensisis a baitfish of the halfbeak family Hemiramphidae.

Human uses

Short description Morphology Morphometrics Dorsal soft rays total: Collaborators Pictures Stamps, Coins Misc. The annual fecundity of both species is similar to that of other reef fish species, after adjusting for body size and spawning frequency.

Main reference Upload your references References Coordinator: Feeds mainly on sea grasses and small fishes Ref. Ballyhoo are frequently used as cut bait and for trolling purposes by saltwater sportsmen. The two primary target species, ballyhoo, Hemiramphus brasiliensisand balao, H.

Hemiramphus brasiliensis – definition of Hemiramphus brasiliensis by The Free Dictionary https: This page was last edited on 3 Septemberat Of the two species the larger and longer-lived congener, H. Sign our Guest Book. Analyses of life-history data show that both the size-specific batch fecundities and the age-specific spawning frequencies differ for two halfbeak species, Hemiramphus brasiliensis, the ballyhoo, and H. Florida’s Halfbeak, “Hemiramphus” spp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


The body shows typical halfbeak shape with an elongated lower jaw and cylindrical elongated body.

Species composition, catch rates, and size structure of fishes captured in the South Florida Lampara net fishery. It feeds mainly on sea grasses and small fish. For other uses, see Ballyhoo disambiguation. Retrieved from ” https: Articles with ‘species’ microformats All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Articles with unsourced statements from February All stub articles.

Reproductive Biology of Hemiramphus brasiliensis and H. References in periodicals archive? This map was computer-generated and has not yet been reviewed.

Hemiramphus brasiliensis lived longer 4 versus 2 years and had a higher survival rate Biodiversidad ictica de praderas de pasto marino de la costa noroeste del Golfo de Cariaco, Venezuela. To increase or seek to increase the importance or reputation of by favorable publicity: To make known vigorously the positive features of a product: The spawning period of age-0 females was strongly related to season, whereas spawning by older females occurred throughout the year.

Summary page Point data Common names Photos. Mainly used as bait for offshore game fishes such as sailfishes and marlins; utilized as a food fish in the West Indies Ref. Among these species, Hemiramphus brasiliensis and Hyporhamphus unifasciatus are commercially important Lessa and Nobrega, This order beloniformes related article is a stub.


A field guide to Atlantic coast fishes of North America. Biology of two exploited species of halfbeaks, Hemiramphus brasiliensis and H. Hemiramphus brasiliensis Linnaeus Phylogenetic diversity index Ref. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Tanto para la abundancia como para la biomasa, los mayores valores se obtuvieron en epoca de calma no surgenciacon excepcion del mes de enero donde la biomasa tuvo un repunte debido a un pequeno cardumen de Hemiramphus brasiliensis que aporto elevado peso al total de la captura.

The appearance is similar to skipping stones on the water. Marine; reef-associated; depth range 0 – 5 m Ref. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Petersburg, FloridaUSA.

Hemiramphus brasiliensis (Linnaeus, )

Add your observation in Fish Watcher Native range All suitable habitat Point map Year This map was computer-generated and has not yet been reviewed. An inshore, surface-dwelling species forming sizeable schools Ref. A systematic effort or part of this effort to increase the importance or reputation of by favorable publicity: