Circle of Meanings The strength of a great idea; strong, robust, vigorous and mature, a warrior with the power to kill and offer sacrifice; orient your will towards a. 34 — Great Power — HEXAGRAM NUMBER THIRTY-FOUR GREAT POWER. Other titles: The Power of the Great, The Symbol of Great Vigor, Persons of. Hexagrama 34 i ching pdf. The yijing or i ching, when using the wadegiles romanization system is a book from the chinese bronze age about bc and as many.

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As an example, a common character repeated 34 times. This explains the cautions with which the symbolism commences. To be in accord with the time, you are told to invigorate through the great!

34 Great Invigorating DA ZHUANG

The impasse is owing to his want of care. Line three is dynamic, and in his proper place at the top of the trigram of Strength. Moving too soon or too late would only lead to failure. If you let yourself be led you can realize the hidden potential. The situation becomes entangled and perilous. You must not force this issue because you are not in a position to do so successfully. Only inferior people boast of their power or demonstrate it ostentatiously. Do the great things that are in you to do.

With power in the feet, an expedition bodes ill, having certainty. The energy is there but if you act prematurely you will be lost in the abyss. The ram butts a hexagtama.


It can go upward. Because the place is not the appropriate one.

The image of The Power of the Great. Obstacles give way and your inner strength persists. To maintain power, the strong leader learns to share it with others.

Therefore the Power of the Great is activated for those who know that the greatest strength is the ability to overcome themselves and their insecurities.

This hexagram reminds us that everything about life, inside and out, is to some extent being influenced hexgarama outside forces — which is why you must pay attention to your inner compass and follow through with your personal plans, projects and ideas.

In Great Power we see that which is great becoming strong. If you use it for selfish gains, it will repel love from you. An inferior man so placed will use all of his strength to the utmost. The little man uses maturity, the gentleman uses uexagrama determination is dangerous.

James DeKorne’s Official Website – The Gnostic Book of Changes – Hexagram 34

The people are gathered at the gate, poised at the threshold. Exuberant self-confidence needs to be tempered by continued inner equilibrium in the use of power. I ching hexagrams the list of 64 hexagrams and information about all hexagrams from the i ching book of changes.

Persistence in a righteous course brings reward. The symbolism of the line, and Legge’s commentary point out the fact that willpower is the cornerstone of the Work. Let go of forward drive. There is nothing to gain.


The inferior man works through power. If you start your movement from a lowly or weak position, attempting to advance prematurely or too quickly through forceful efforts will bring misfortune. The image suggests the difference between forcing an issue and allowing it to develop naturally. At the outset, the man in a lowly situation possesses great energy. Your constant virtue does not require that you defend it: If one continues to work through the hexagraama, there is good fortune.

The Superior Man does nothing that is not in accordance with the principles of the Work. If you haven’t tried one yet, click here to try a free I Ching reading now.

iChing Great Vigor

There are established rules or needs of others that you may have to work within. The debacle will not last. This hexagrrama a list of the 64 hexagrams of the i ching, or book of changes, and their unicode character codes. Peace shows how events can begin to flow easily again.