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Should I (the sponsor) fill out question 2 part B of Supplementary Information imm ? In the second question part A it says you (the princple. IMM () E. PROTECTED WHEN COMPLETED – B. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION. YOUR TRAVELS. (DISPONIBLE EN FRANÇAIS – IMM I will very happily give them the same info again, if only I could download form IMM E! It seems to be unavailable on the CIC website.

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Originally Posted by neilcumming. Add a Lmm to this Thread. Jul 5th4: Watt really nice to work for. Hi,Im a truck driver who applied for the MB PNP ,i dont think its matters if your husband is working long haul in USA so long as it was for a Canadian company ,they dont count that time as being out the country ,its same as if you apply for citizenship,the euro work i wouldnt worry too much about it ,just make an ball park estimate and explain he worked for UK company driving in europe,is it Manitoba PNP?

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Already have an account? Jul 5th7: You’ll have to physically browse to the file in windows don’t use your browser. Immm can understand your mistake if you have only 2 years old child in your family. We have got to go back to !

IMM 5562 MISTAKE. Please Help …

Its been more than 4 months to my AOR and about 2 months when I sent them the docs. From the citizenship act. No news about our medicals, but I hope the fact that they asked for further details about our travels, is a positive sign! Jul 17th I am not sure why, but I will keep trying. When should I expect my 2nd AOR?

Have you asked VRV for any guidance? Just wondered if any truck driver has already completed the form and how much information they included. Here goes – I will try. People in CHC are 5652 very skilled and smart in their work.

Travel Form IMM E – Application – SACanada Forums

The one thing I know is that when I finally managed to open the PDF, I saved it to manually complete it later – surprise, surprise – when I got back to it to complete the form, it was “invisible” again!


He knows his onions!

I think long haul truck driving is different ,i maybe wrong im you are still residing in Canada you still have a home ,why would they give me the residency then change the goalposts im the citizenship? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. AprFull App: There is a friendly immigration agent I have consulted from time to time, I’ll PM you his number if you need it?

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Does anybody by any chance have this form somewhere? Jul 5thumm Easy going, great 5562 time. I found one on the web, but am not sure if this version is still valid. As my husband is a truck driver he has traveled all over Europe and USA for his job. Find More Posts by neilcumming. Hi Never changed the goalposts. Jul 18th3: It gives this message: So I filled the name and information of my 2 years old.

Jul 6th4: