COURSE MATERIAL(LECTURE NOTES) IT Software Project Management UNIT II 34 • These curves are based on the Case A and Case B cash flow. View Notes – SWPM_UNIT1_ from IT at VELAMMAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. IT Software Project Management Prof. IT Lecture Notes Syllabus: UNIT I INTRODUCTION TO SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project Definition – Contract Management – Activities .

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How are hazards identified and analyzed?

The general purpose of this part of planning operation is to ensure that the appropriate methods are used for the project. Following the description of each step with its activities Step 0: The project team have freedom to select what appears to be the most appropriate approach.

Explain the managing contract under ISO approach.

Write any two advantages of function point analysis. ITSoftware Project Management 6. Define the characteristics of project. What are the different types of cost related sodtware project development?


Software project management notes ebook free download pdf

Mention any two software process models. This alignment chart was designed specifically for the use of Red River College. These alignments have not been verified or endorsed. What is activity plan? What are the different types of contracts?

IT Software Project Management Lecture Notes – SEC Edition

Explain the objectives of activity planning in detail. Identify project infrastructure Step 3: Thread Tools Show Printable Version. May 7, Category: Time is the available time to deliver the project, cost represents the amount of money or resources available and quality represents the fit-to-purpose that the project must achieve to managememt a success. When is the activity planned for? Topics to be Covered: This is the official acknowledgement of their efforts.

Allocate planning resources 8. Explain the Oldham-hackman job characteristic model.


Lecture slides by Ian Summerville accompanying his classic textbook software More information. After sorting out the major areas, have the group list the items in chronological order, or list what should be completed from first to last.


After getting your committee and advisor together, brainstorm over every possible step that would be needed to plan the activity. Explain the methods to increase staff motivation. Increasingly, there seems to be a greater recognition of the More information.

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Metadata-Based Project Management System. Select project Step 1: