PCB ialah suatu mekanisme potongan cukai pendapatan daripada saraan bulanan semasa pekerja mengikut Jadual Potongan Cukai. With this amendment, the due date of PCB payment has extended from 10th of every calendar month to 15th of every calendar c. Substitution of. PCB stands for “Potongan Cukai Bulanan” which is Malay for “Monthly Tax Deduction”. It is a series of monthly deductions that go towards payment of your taxes.

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Scheduled Monthly Tax Deduction for year need to take into consideration of the following: Investment – Felicity Cheah.

PayrollPanda — What is PCB (MTD)?

For example, a net income of RM, upper range is RM Anak berumur lebih 18 tahun dan sedang belajar sepenuh masa di maktab atau universiti di dalam Malaysia.

Share on Track this topic Print this topic. Youtube Channel 5 months ago. Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board. If the child is over the age of 18 years and commenced receiving full-time instruction in a college or university outside Malaysia after 17 October The total monthly remuneration in respect of which monthly deductions are to be made under this Schedule is remuneration of every description paid during the month to the employee, including director’s fee, less any reimbursement paid and less the employee’s compulsory contributions to Employees’ Provident Fund or to any approved pension javual subject to a maximum of RM per month or RM5, per year.


Investment – Harry Teo. There may be instances where employees could be entitled to additional child relief. Forum Announcement New Registrations disabled until further notice. This calculator calculates every taxable ringgit to obtain accurate PCB to every cents rounded. Jika tidak, denda boleh dikenakan. Dalam keadaan itu, majikan boleh membuat potongan mengikut panduan berikut: Enter your search terms.

Pvb me how you benefited from this calculator by commenting below:. Taxable one-time income subjected to EPF deduction. Rm 95 STD to be deducted: Show posts by this member only Post 3. Di mana seorang pekerja telah membuat bayaran zakat pihak berkuasa zakat, majikan boleh membuat penyesuaian kepada Jaddual yang harus dipotong setelah melihat bukti tentang bayaran zakat tersebut.

Lebihan zakat RM35 dalam contoh 2 di atas boleh dibawa ke hadapan untuk ditolak daripada PCB bagi bulan berikutnya. A family vacation trip to Phuket, Thailand Part BONUS Where a bonus, gratuity, commission or other similar payment is made to an employee in addition to normal monthly remuneration, the amount of additional tax to be deducted in the month in which the relevant amount the “additional payment” is made shall be calculated as follows.

Pelepasan anak hendaklah diberi seolah-olah pekerja mempunyai bilangan anak berikut: Under these circumstances, employers may make deductions in accordance with the following guidelines: Dalam beberapa keadaan, pekerja berhak kepada pelepasan tambahan untuk anak. I left my old co on Oct and report to new one on Nov Where an employee has made zakat payment to the relevant authorities, the employer upon sighting evidence of such payments may off-set those payments against the amount of tax to be deducted for the respective month.


Tips for Life – Dumb Little Man. EPF Rate variation introduced. Walau bagaimanapun, sila ambil perhatian bahawa pelarasan sedemikian hanya boleh dibuat pada tahun yang sama sahaja.

Please refers to Bonus Formula notes for the calculation of bonus payment. Simple Kadual Calculator provides quick, accurate and easy calculation to Malaysian tax payers to calculate PCB that covers all basic tax relieves such as individual, EPF contribution, spouse and children relief.

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Jika bonus, gratuiti, komisen atau bayaran lain yang serupa lain dibuat kepada seseorang pekerja sebagai tambahan kepada saraan bulanan biasa, amaun cukai tambahan yang perlu dipotong dalam bulan di mana jumlah tersebut “bayaran tambahan” dibuat hendaklah dikira seperti berikut: Welcome Guest Log In Register. Jumlah saraan bulanan berkaitan dengan potongan bulanan di bawah Jadual ini ialah setiap jenis saraan yang dibayar dalam bulan itu kepada pekerja, termasuk yuran pengarah, ditolak bayaran ganti dan ditolak caruman wajib pekerja kepada Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja atau kepada mana-mana tabung pencen yang diluluskan tertakluk kepada maksimum RM sebulan ataupun RM5, setahun.

Where that employee has no children, Category 1 applies. Auspicious dates for housewarming, pxb house, par RM 50 STD to be deducted: Why low income households have more children 4 months ago.

The acronym is popularly known for monthly tax deduction among many Malaysians. Show posts by this member only Post