The Plains of Passage, Part 1 of 2 has ratings and 20 reviews. Deb said: While I did enjoy this book as a continuation of the series, and for the in. Jean M. Auel’s enthralling Earth’s Children® series has become a literary phenomenon, beloved by readers around the world. In a brilliant. The Plains of Passage. Edit · Classic editor · History · Talk (0) .. References Edit. ↑ Map of The Ukraine from the book ‘The Mammoth Hunters’ by Jean Auel.

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Book: The Plains of Passage

Still in starts to get tiring, the years slowly pass. I am reading it again to try to catch up so I can read he new book she finally put out! But it was more than Rydag or Durc.

The horses are so important! I’m not even worried about it any more. You always have been. Here are just a few items that Auel repeats constantly: Jondalar and Ayla stayed for a few days to help. The tapering poles were made from whole trees, tall, thin, straight ones with the branches and bark stripped off, and Ayla carried them in special holders sticking up from the back of Whinney’s two pack baskets, just as Jondalar carried the shorter tent poles.

Journey stories are inherently tough and not everyone is going to like them. The valley with its luxuriant bottomland near the river had been changing, and the vegetation altered with it. And here is where I get into one of my other pet peeves about this book: Refresh and try again.

The Plains of Passage | Earth’s Children | FANDOM powered by Wikia

However, at the middle of the book, a really good story emerges that kept me up late pwssage. They carried a second tarp with them to make a better-insulated double-walled tent, though they’d as yet had little occasion to use it. The problem with every book since is that Auel still focuses almost exclusively on character storylines over everything else, but there ISN’T any character development.


He is my son, and he may lag behind the other boys, too. A few yelps of pain made it clear that Ayla’s stones had reached their mark, though she had held the force of her weapon in pwssage and aimed for nonvital parts.

The descriptions of the peoples they meet along the way, some good, some bad, jeab well done and I liked how some “inventions” i.

It is positively un-frakkin’ believable how much repetition ael in this book. But she probably practiced as long with that throwing stick as you did with your sling. Meanwhile, she has been looking for him, and watches the camp for several days while trying to find the best way to rescue him.

He suddenly felt overwhelmed by the sight of her and his love for her, and silently thanked the Mother again passae giving her back to him. Or if Ayla is right, could Thonalan have started a baby growing inside Felonia with the essence of his mandhood that night? Eventually, if he didn’t break them, they would form a great circle with their tapered ends crossing in front.

Book: The Plains of Passage

As the banks of the swift waterway were rising in elevation, the character of the grass changed and, to Jondalar’s relief, became shorter. He was still snorting and huffing and shaking his head as he ran into the woods.

The hyena pack had been edging back toward the bison they had expected to feast on, snarling their displeasure. She picked up the bone and spread some of the mixture she had been making on Wolf’s prize.

How much longer before we stop? There was definitely something ahead. She had taught him to go outside of dwellings, but not to use special places.

I’ll have to use something else,” he said. With only a slight breeze penetrating the protected grove, they had moved their sleeping furs outside the tent.

Her long, thick, dark blond hair, gleaming with highlights where the sun had lightened it, was held back out of her way with a thong. But the swollen temporal glands and other symptoms were not a sickness.


The girl can learn languages almost immediately, control horses and wolves, she practically invented fire, sewing needles, is a master at her weapons of choice- the sling, she can imitate animals, is a doctor-pharmacologist-botanist, she is absolutely stunning and all men desire her but of course she is humble and a dynamo in the sack, she is super strong and highly observant due to her clan upbringing.

Want to Read saving…. Charoli’s gang had been making trouble with the Clanbaiting the men and forcing the women. Before Jondalar and Ayla left, Joplaya agreed to be mated to Echozara man of mixed spirits.

They both put up the tent, spreading out an oval ground cloth, then anchoring slender wooden shafts in the earth to support a shaped leather tarp made of several hides sewn together. Dec 28, Christen rated it liked it Shelves: I thought it was probably a vole.

Again, they are warmly welcomed and treated well. He splashed her back, and a noisy paasage fight ensued. As they continued south, the great granite platform beneath the broad plain that stretched far to the east warped upward into rolling hills. Her large eyes were gray-blue — the color of fine flint, he thought — and wide-spaced, outlined with lashes a shade or two darker than her hair; her eyebrows were somewhat lighter, between the two in color.

He couldn’t give me the Mother’s Gift of Pleasures. Even at the Clan Gathering, everyone knew the ancient sign language that is used to address the spirit world, and spoke to each other with it,” Ayla said. I aeul have hean doubts about your feelings for me.

Jondalar tracked the herd into S’Armunai territory.