Spahr, Juliana. This connection of everyone with lungs: poems / Juliana Spahr. p . cm. — (New California poetry ; 15) isbn (cloth: alk. paper). This Connection of Everyone with Lungs: Poems. juliana spahr. Series: New California Poetry. Copyright Date: Edition: 1. Published by: University of. This Connection of Everyone With Lungs has ratings and 58 reviews. Robert said: Juliana Spahr, This Connection of Everyone with Lungs (University of.

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Spam prevention powered by Akismet. Over one hundred and fifty years later, we have seen what can be done in the name of democracy. If we are all like Hawaii, apart yet connected, in what ways are we complicit in the activities of our various contiguous parts?

Microreview: Juliana Spahr, This Connection of Everyone With Lungs

But this ending is a good example of what this book does that feels transformative for poetry, politics, life. I love the first poem, which is a conceptual piece on breath. This Connection of Everyone with Lungs: This makes us feel guiltier and more unsure of what to do than ever.

During the bombing, beloveds, our life goes on as usual. It is difficult to watch this world—in the various media available to us—without lapsing into pessimism, cynicism, sarcasm, ennui, or apathy. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I’m afraid that to my ears this comes There are easily definable themes here. Loved the theme and liked the actual poetry. As are the lovers who lay beside us. Distances become relative in this shifting perspective.


However, the rest of the book is a really plodding, melodramatic example of pseudopolitical liberal hand-wringing. Nov 08, Martha Chudy rated it it was ok. But every once in a while I come across a book of poetry so outright horrendous wirh I simply can’t bring myself to read one more word julianq it, no matter how little I have left. Nov 30, K rated it liked it. Her Own Private Ithaca: Poetics of weak liberalism.

Five Poems Corey Van Landingham. Oh the parrots and their squawking. I was a bit dubious about this book when I started out. It gives us Iraq and Angelina simultaneously without taking sides.

As humans, we are individuals, but we contain multitudes. About Store Membership Print Podcast. CutBank’s Point Bar Blog. Yes, there are weak lines. I am supposed to like her, but I just have trouble getting into this book. As the book concludes, language and poetry become occupied. How responsible are the cells lunge the behavior of the larger organism, however far removed? These kinds of poems are just not my thing.

Kim Parko Kim Parko. I’m excited to read more of your work.

My analysis on Juliana Spahr’s “This Connection of Everyone with lungs” | JACKSON CHEN

There is another way in which these poems speak above the discord: As the opening poem, it offers a way to read the following poem cycle: Poetry can recognize a contradiction without taking sides. The warehouse and the distributor and the mall and the salesclerk thix us from the Indonesian laborer who makes our blouse, but they also connect us to her. Exactly how is one supposed to feel? Cells divide to become larger entities, hands and feet and lungs.



This Connection of Everyone With Lungs

Usually they’re either awfully-written fiction or dry, ponderous, textbook-like nonfiction. This is a book for everyone who feels either numb, hopeless or in despair – or all three of them at the same time – due to the current global situation. Cells connect with each other—they combine to form living organisms, but they are also autonomous. The first title poem in this is decent. Want to Read saving…. These poems hear the tracer fire in a bird’s song and capture cell division and troop deployments in the same expansive thought.

Those trivial matters in our daily lives indicates a peaceful and comfort situations that many Americans are favored by. As a yogini this book resonated very powerfully with my practice and with my teachings.

I’ve read Spahr before, and wasn’t quite sure what to make of her back then.