LEGO set database: Battrax. Set number: ; Name: Battrax; Also known as: Blacktron Prowler; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Action/Adventure. Find great deals for Lego Space Blacktron Battrax (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for LEGO Space Battrax (). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I made various leto changes to mine to fix these things. LEGO decided to market Blacktron with all the Blacktron figures’ visors up, because a query had revealed that parents found the figures to look evil, dangerous, scary and menacing with the visors down.

Also nice are the container at each side, where you can put your guns or tools. The set in bold and below is the star relic of my childhood. Now you lfgo Monster Fighters and stuff, with giant Vampire alarm clocks and stuff. Register a new account.

They actually seem to be cooperating with Futuron in the catalogs. The exciting modular structure of LEGO space sets. Nice review, I really like this set, as most Blacktron 1 sets. Posted August 25, edited. TLG decided to make them the bad guys only at ,ego point. The set has only one minifigure – a very nice looking old school Blacktron I. Four modules are combined here Let’s take a closer look at the wheeled base of the vehicle The front and back parts are connected with 4 studs technic axle.

But if you replace them with two of thisyou can fit a minifig in front of the other. Posted January 31, edited. Posted February 3, Cool minifig and nice features of the vehicle.


He can’t be bad, can he? Though it’s more than 20 years old, it’s still very cool – thank to the black suit and nice picture on the torso. I, for some reason like the trans neon color scheme better, but, like the lego space comic implies, the seem more like buisness men. I love Blacktron 1 as a theme too, just not that particular set. I think that the most unusual will be the connecton of two front modules – it will look like famous Leog WWII aircraft IL-2 having two cabins: Sign In Sign Up.

The canopy consisting of two parts makes the task very easy. Expanding on what Freddie said, I also remember reading that they put off the skeleton minifigs for a few years because TLG thought kids would get scared of them and that minifig could die.

Lego Space Blacktron Battrax () | eBay

I admit, the Blacktron thing does sound a little ridiculous. I love the colours of Blacktron. Reviews like this make me sad I don’t own any classic-era space sets. But today lets have a look on the Bad Guys. Due to the age of the set, the box is missing and the instruction booklet has completely worn off. The side view hides the wingspan, making it look smaller The set has only one minifigure – a very nice looking old school Blacktron I.

Ah, I see, that must be why those 6914 jellies could not move their arms The small “fighter” has variable geometry of the wings. There is also the same issue of holes in the cockpit as this Battrax.

Lego Space Blacktron Battrax (6941)

The hoses do their jobs pretty well. Didn’t leave me wondering what other features there’d might be on it!


It also has a clever damping system. The vehicle is equipped with most useful kego tools like mallet and spanner: Just a few notes regarding the parts: The Vehicle the vehicle has a really nice design and an awesome color scheme. The front and back parts are connected with 4 studs technic axle.

BT1 probably had the most “evil” appearance of any of the bad guy themes. You can combine various modules fromandwhich were the three original BT sets. Well, Blacktron I was in essence late Classic Space done in black and yellow.

LEGO Space Battrax () | eBay

With the upcoming Space Police 3 I want to take a look back to the roots. But you should stay in the atmosphere as Battrax different names for various markets MSRP: I wasn’t born for it either, but still think lgeo the minifigs are boss.

I had no idea it was a modular set. But they look a bit cheap to me.

And I thought parents 66941 were ridiculous! Funny fact of the day: This model has some quite unique ideas like the V8 engine I think that’s what the thing in the back is and tool compartments, but at the same time I think it had room for improvement, especially the cockpit. I wouldn’t like to repeat the building instructions here – it can be easily found at BrickFactory.