SHORT STORY Lihaaf [The Quilt] O Ismat Chughtai Translated from Urdu by M. Asaduddin In the last issue of manushi, while reviewing Deepa Mehta’s Fire, we. Read this article to know about Lihaaf The Quilt summary by Ismat Chughtai. Lihaf is an Urdu short story that made Ismat Chughtai popular for its controversies . Ismat Chughtai’s Lihaaf challenged the conventional feminine qualities of obedience, abstinence and modesty in a patriarchal society and.

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Begum was gaining the glow that she lost. To this day, whenever I am reminded of her face at that moment. Her existence was centred on herself and her itch.

Ismat chughtai’s lihaaf

The elephant inside the quilt heaved up and then sat down. Mouse-like, I snuggled into my quilt. Begum Jaan grew more and more irritable. It was Rabbu who rescued her from the fall.

But sleep evaded me for hours. You hurt my ribs. Much like her other works, Chughtai in Lihaaf unabashedly wrote about female desires and wants and thereby even acknowledged them. I, too, liked to be at her house in that season. By morning I had totally forgotten the terrifying scene enacted at night. She looked a picture of grandeur, reclining on the couch. I had never seen the parting of her hair crooked, nor a single hair out of place.


Lihaf ebooks by Ismat Chughtai | Rekhta

Empowered Women In Bollywood of Rabbo is a servant girl who is not so pretty but very deft with her hands. Her hands were chughtia like ice but clammy as though the skin had been stripped off. Or did it start when she gave up on amulets, talismans, black magic fhughtai other ways of retaining the love of her straying husband?

I could not hear what they were saying and what was the upshot of the tiff but I heard Rabbu crying. A strange fright overwhelmed me. As the story progressed, I grew increasingly uncomfortable by the narrative of a nine-year-old girl who witnesses the sexual encounters and is then used or rather abused by Begum Jaan to satiate her desire in the absence of Rabbu.

She knew well that there was no one in that house, not even a mouse, with which Lihaff could get into a fight. The little girl could not stay there any longer.

I was scared and got back to sleep. I have already mentioned lihsf I was very young at that time and was in love with Begum Jaan. Hcughtai this short story is narrated by a little girl from her point of view lihf there is no obscene language used in the story. I stretched my leg nervously to the other side of the bed to grope for the switch and turned it on.

The memory pops up when she takes the quilt to cover herself in the winter. Doctors and hakims pronounced that nothing was wrong, the skin was unblemished. Despite using all the oils and balms the itch remained stubbornly there. I was scared stiff. That I was afraid of Begum Jan? Rabbu was still rubbing her back as I fell asleep.


No one paid any heed.

She began counting my ribs. She began to pass sleepless nights yearning for a love that had never been. At my age my other sisters were busy drawing admirers while I fought with any boy or girl I ran into! All the toys and sweets of the world had no interest for me. A small bed was placed alongside hers. The story, over the years, has emerged as a fitting example of the triumph of feminism and Begum Jan is often viewed as the champion of it.

He kept an open house for students — young, fair and slender-waisted boys whose expenses were borne by him. I again began rubbing her back which was smooth as the top of a table.

Salty About Rajma Chawal: Her lihad became rosy; beauty, as it were, glowed from every pore! Nawab Saheb had contempt for such disgusting sports.

Begum Jaan had decked herself up elaborately and perfumed herself with the warm scent of attars.