About Lotchie Burton. With a sweet tooth for Books By Lotchie Burton Nothing’s Sweeter Than Candy by Burton, Lotchie () Paperback · Paperback . My name is Lotchie Burton, and I write Erotic Romance and Romantic Suspense novels. I spend my time between the worlds of reality and fantasy—and travel. Lotchie Burton is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Lotchie Burton and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes .

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An avid reader hopelessly in love with romantic fantasies, I write sexy, seductive stories. If you have a pumping heart and a beating pulse.

Stories of hot pursuit and willful denial, and so much heat it’s a wonder your fingers aren’t burned from flipping the pages. Yet, classy reads filled with intellectual dialog that will make you think, and laugh out loud. I write stories with feisty heroines and the hard edged, protective, no-nonsense men who love them. A former military Intelligence Analyst and a current member of the law enforcement community, I have lived and travelled all over the world.

And have received or participated in countless training and scenarios with regard to personal survival, personnel recovery, and escape and evasion. Both lotchhie and imagined.

Vivid story telling laced with intrigue, action and sexy entanglements, my stories are fictional, based in reality. With just enough fact to make them seem real, and just enough fantasy to make you wish they were. What is the Vibe of this AMA? What is AMA Lotcgie

I suppose in the beginning there were the authors who wrote your basic contemprary romance genre. Riley “Caught up in the Rapture”. These books were interracial romances which I found intriguing. Mainly because they didn’t dwell on the obvious. The complication of being in an interracial relationship. The stories went beyond that and focused on issues that any couple in love might have. Other than the color of their skin. Or the differences in cultural upbringing. They made the situations real to me.

Christeen Feehan’s paranormal stories introduced me to the concept of an inseparable relationship. Based on a biological and instinctual connection.

That, literally, “can’t live lotcyie the other element”.

Lotchie Burton

She poured deep emotional turmoil and insatiable desire into her stories. And made it believable in her characters. These types stories influenced me to write the characters I write. The stories that are their lotvhie.


They are not so different from everyday people.

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They love, argue, have misunderstandings, and they have amazing sex. But none have held my attention like writing. Back in the day s I was one of three lead singers in a band.

In later years I was in a few choirs. I enjoy singing, when I’m in that environment. I’m also a proficient sketch artist.

I took classes, but have never really developed my talent beyond personal gratification. While I have enjoyed both, neither potchie these have captivated me like writing.

I suppose it’s because reading was my first true love. And now that I’ve discovered a talent for writing, I get to immerse myself between the two. I’m still working on the marketing and promotion aspect of this profession. I don’t quite have a handle on it yet. I send out announcements. I offer free advanced reading copies, hoping I’ll get a review in exchange.

Word of mouth has been pretty advantagous as well. There are plenty of methods I have yet to try. But I’m not knowledgable or savvy enough to make them work for me, just yet. I’m always open to new ideas.

However, one has to be careful. Promoting can become a money-pit as well. I want to make sure I know what I’m doing before I sink too much cash into something that won’t work. And I’m sorry to say, that no one in particular even comes to mind. When I created my characters, my influences were real people.

I saw a very handsome man poolside at a hotel swimming pool, while heading lktchie a conference meeting.

Almost immediately the story started forming in my head.

As for the female, she was a clothes model in a shopping magazine. She just jumped out at me as my female lead. I’ve yet to encounter that problem. Most of the time I already know how the book is going to end, before I start to write.

For me, the hardest parts of the story are the beginning and the middle. It’s an absolute requriement in romance that there is a happy-ever-ending HEA. So that’s a given. I just have to figure out how to weave it into the rest of the story. I’m only attached to my characters up to the conclusion of the story. Then I let them go. I don’t have a problem with ending our relationship. Mainly because I’m already anxious to get onto the next story.

I know some authors have attachment issues, and I never understood why. For me it’s like sending a grown child out into the world. If you’ve properly prepared them for what to expect, then you let go and let life happen around them. Past experiences play a signinfiant part in my writing.


Especially with the character development in my romantic suspense novels. Having a military background or law enforcement association is something I’m familiar with. It makes research easier. Granted the characters sometime experience things I may not have a clue about personally.

Multicultural Romance | Lotchie Burton

In recent conversations diversity has been the main topic of interest. And I think it would be in the best interest of Publishers to listen.

Readers today more than ever want to see themselves represented in the stories they read. In the stories we write. Whether it’s by race, ethinc heritage, sexual orientation, or in the person whom they choose to love. Just as televison commericals and characters in movies have become more lotdhie and reflective of today’s world, or societial thinking, publishers should wake up and follow suit.

I believe burtno overall mindset of the publishing industry–presuming they know best what readers want–has gurton a driving force behind the rise of indie publications. Editors or publishers turn works away because they don’t see an audience.

If they can’t sell, there’s no profit value. But the bottom line is, they need to take a closer burotn at the world around them. Vanilla isn’t the only flavor in the logchie cream freezer. Take a chance and try something different. Because different is what the world is made up of.

I haven’t completely crossed that bridge of contention yet. But I admit the thought has crossed my mind. Especially when I’m caught up in action and confrontations. And as I posted earlier, the plot line wasn’t particularly deep. However, the scope of my writing began to evolve by the second book. While sex is an integral part of the story, character and situation developments began taking place.

I suppose I ltchie intrigued with the concept of action, and sex. My Romantic Suspense has action and sex. Granted, the sexual encounters take a back seat to the action, but the hero and heroine still have to get worked-up, and hook-up. At least once or twice. Since I’m currently concentrating on the suspense series, I don’t actually know how hard it might be to get my head back into the erotic genre. I would still write intimate scenes between burtin main characters.