Giacomo Puccini’s third opera, with libretto by Luigi Illica, Giuseppe Giacosa and Marco Praga, based on L’Histoire du chevalier des Grieux et de Manon. Libretto Manon Lescaut. [primo interprete, sesso]. Manon. Lescaut [ ♀ ]. soprano [ Cesira Ferrani, ♀ ]. Lescaut. sergente delle guardie del re [ ♂ ]. baritono. (Lescaut): In quelle trine morbide (Manon): Madrigale (mezzo-soprano, chorus): L’ora, o Tirsi, è vaga e bella (Manon): Ah! Manon, mi tradisce (des Grieux).

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My love, help me!

You are strong, I envy you; a woman, weak, I give up. Our quiet little home rang with carefree laughter and with my merry friends I often went dancing! Oh, here happiness, with love and wealth, charmingly prospers!

Manon Lescaut, SC 64 (Puccini, Giacomo)

Worship it and obey. It is evening, townspeople, soldiers and a crowd of male students and girls stroll through the avenue and square while others gather in groups. Manon, ti stringi a me! Lescaut, in disparte crolla il capo e se ne va. In you I am drunk again with passion!


I am anxious but know not why! Verranno un uomo e una fanciulla — e via siccome il vento, via, verso Parigi!

Manon Lescaut libretto (Italian/English) – opera by Giacomo Puccini

To the left, the corner of a barracks with a barred window on the front. Go there and you will be saved! Dismayed that his sister is unhappy living with Geronte, Lescaut goes to find des Grieux. Orniam la vittoria — il bacio chiedete, il sospir! Manon begs for water; Des Lescat looks for some desperately. Ah, give me back the kisses, your burning kisses, that rapture which once gladdened me!

Manon gli corre incontro. This is your love! Edmondo and some of the students talk to Des Grieux. Il tabarro Il trittico: On the right, an avenue.

Her penchant for luxury and wealth takes her to prison; finally she is deported to New Orleans where her life comes to a tragic end. Anguish chokes my words.

Lescaut and Geronte descend and converse in the square about Manon’s fate, observed by Edmondo. In your dear arms there is ljbretto, oblivion! How serene it is over the miracle of love! And I who was accustomed to librett voluptuous caress of ardent lips and passionate arms now have something libretyo different. Is the cask empty? Manon rises and goes to meet Geronte, ushering in his friends and the dancing master.


Manon Lescaut – Puccini Museum

We must fly at once! Do you bring good news!

You will libretho as a father to a perfect daughter, and I, sir, will complete the family. Se Geronte lo sospettasse! Ah, Manon my love! She sighs for you, dies for you.

Ah, it is stained with blood! Des Grieux draws his sword. Ei mi tortura sempre: E Kate ripose al re ; des Grieux, Manon: The youth radiant in your face does not usually reason thus; this melancholy disdain ill matches the lexcaut that shines from your eyes!